World Language Week celebrates diversity among student body


Emma Fudacz

World Language Week works to promote language classes and different student cultures.

World Language Week, a celebration of linguistic and cultural diversity, will take place Jan. 9-13. This year, the theme is Discover the Power of Languages, with days designated for the languages taught at school and spoken by the student body. The week begins with a kick-off on Monday, French day on Tuesday, German day on Wednesday, Spanish day on Thursday and Ukrainian day on Friday.

The World Languages Department has activities planned for students taking a language course and any students interested in languages. Spanish teacher Amy Murphy spoke on what the World Languages Department has planned for the week.

“There will be a display of books from other countries and from authors who are from other countries. There will be coloring pages for each language day, bookmarks, and a video playing in the library that the librarians put together. There is also a student contest that will be emailed out to all the students that they can participate in,” Murphy said.

Each morning, there will be announcements in the language celebrated that day as well as music before and after school. For students taking a language class, they will participate in bellringer activities such as Kahoots that will expose them to the other languages taught and spoken in the school community.

The World Languages Department also plans activities for teachers to participate in as well. French Teacher Sophia Reuillon spoke about how language teachers involve the rest of the faculty in their celebration.

“We always have some kind of activity for all the teachers to be involved in. Outside all the teachers’ classrooms, they will have a sign that explains to students their role with world languages. This could be what languages they speak, when they have used a foreign language in their lifetime and where they have traveled,” Reuillon said.

Murphy also explained what she hopes her Spanish students will take away from World Language Week.

“We teach three different languages here and we have a lot of languages that are spoken in our school population. I think it’s important to bring awareness to the fact that learning another language is possible. It’s a good thing and here at school we have a really diverse population of students not only learning languages but speaking languages,” Murphy said.

Reuillon also spoke on the importance of learning another language.

“When we study another language it makes different connections in our brain that don´t happen without the study of a world language. Ultimately you become better at learning everything else. I think that when you study a language and are exposed to so many different cultures and ways of life it just makes you a better global citizen and when you have that kind of cultural awareness you are more successful in all walks of life,” Reuillon said.

Senior Carter Smott is in his fourth year of German and reflects on why he has enjoyed learning another language during high school.

“I’ve enjoyed the connection I’ve developed to a whole culture and way of life that was previously foreign to me. German classes at DGS gave me that appreciation,” Smott said.

While the celebration of World Languages only lasts for one week, students can choose to continue to learn about World Languages by enrolling in a Spanish, French or German course for the 2023-2024 school year. Students and parents can learn more about the process of enrolling in language courses through the District 99 Academic Planning Guide and Course Selection Website.