Waterparks implements a new musical style in ‘Snow Globe’


Anika Brown

Listen to ‘Snow Globe,’ out now on all streaming platforms.

They may not be as popular as Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift, but they have the talent: meet Waterparks. I know what you’re thinking, “who names a band Waterparks?” Well, this trio of insanely brilliant musicians did and they are absolutely killing it.

Waterparks were formed in Houston, in early 2011, currently consisting of frontman Awsten Knight, lead guitarist Geoff Wigington and drummer Otto Wood. The pop-rock band first released their debut album, “Double Dare” in 2016 following with “Entertainment” and “FANDOM” in the next few years, skyrocketing their careers. However, the time has come: new music is officially upon us.

In September of 2020, pop-rock band Waterparks began a new era with “Lowkey as Hell.” Nearly five months later, they have dropped their second single “Snow Globe” in which the band explores a new hypnotic sound. To say it in the most blunt way possible, Waterparks’s music is eccentric; it’s always shapeshifting and pushing past common music styles, which the music industry desperately needs.

Within the first ten seconds, I was skeptical and confused to hear Beethoven-like piano, but once I heard the funky bassline, I knew “Snow Globe” was for sure a banger. Waterparks flawlessly intertwines the techno, pop and pure Waterparks sound into a single song, creating catchy and engaging lyrics with the music.

Something Knight commonly touches on in his catchy lyricism is how poorly a record label can treat a new artist. In a song from the 2019 album, “FANDOM”, Knight made a clever way to partially expose the industry during the song, “Watch What Happens Next.”

“You should want the best for me/ Everyone is sad when bands break up/ Well, guess guess guess what?/ We’re defeated as f**k”

In the same way with “Snow Globe”, Knight was able to weave in a critique he had about the business that seemingly breaks artists down.

“I’ve been dead since 2016/ So good morning, can you fix me?/ My tiny little world is in your hands/ So shake it like a snow globe , f**k my plans”

An aspect of “Snow Globe” that I thought was a bit odd was the manipulation of Knight’s vocals, but not necessarily auto-tune. The differing octaves used, created a Daft Punk vibe I wasn’t expecting, yet it made the surprise of a song even better.

The way Waterparks uses differing dynamics to their music makes it simply fun to listen to. Their songs are specifically meant to scream at the top of your lungs at a live concert. Even though they may not be the biggest and most admired band to walk the Earth, Waterparks is definitely worth the time to take a listen.

Listen to “Snow Globe” below and wait for “Greatest Hits”, coming out May 21.