Among Us: Is the hype justified?

Anjali Kota

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Anjali Kota

Among Us is the latest gaming craze to grip teens, but is it worth the hype?

Here is the game that has taken over the internet. The game that is top trending almost everywhere. The game that is all over social media.

You guessed it: Among Us.

Among Us is making a huge debut here in 2021 in the midst of a pandemic. Despite its 2018 release, Among Us has grown to a huge fan following with more than 60 million daily players, and about 100 million downloads.

Now comes the real question: is it really THAT good?

Let’s go with the long answer. For the people that have been living under a rock for the last nine months and have never played Among Us, like me, Among Us is a game that sorts players into either crewmates or imposters, in the small room that you are in.

The goal for crewmates is to complete a series of tasks and not get killed by the imposter or voted off by your fellow crewmates. The goal of the imposter is to kill as many of the crewmates as possible and not get found out and eliminated.

Each crew member, including the imposter, has the ability to call emergency meetings in which the remaining crewmates decide who is eliminated by blind votes and communicate through the chat feature in Among Us (don’t get too mesmerized; the most that people put into the chat is one word sentences).

The first time that I played this game I ended up as an imposter by sheer dumb luck and as a first time player, I had no idea what was going on. The amount of deception that is involved in this game is extremely high as well. Honestly, the people that play this game should be lie detectors.

Somehow, the crewmates found out that I was an imposter and I was eliminated right away.

Picture the scene: me on my living room couch with my younger brother (who is a pro at Among Us, might I add) screaming into my ear about “venting” and “sabotaging.” It went as well as you might imagine. After I had gotten the hang of the game, it went a lot more smoothly, and there was a lot less yelling in general.

Seeing as you play with real people, Among Us helps connect players all over the world that you wouldn’t normally be talking to. The nice thing about the simple nature of the game is that everyone is on their own and you can just join an open room with random people. It is interesting to see how others in the game guess if you are “sus” or not (slang for suspicious).

In the end, I believe that this is a simple game that can be fun for a wide range of people and I definitely recommend it for everyone. One piece of advice; don’t get voted off, it makes the game a whole lot easier to play.