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The summer before college is one sure to be filled with bittersweet feelings.

The summer before college: The last hurrah

Anjali Kota, Managing Editor May 9, 2023

The summer before college for many is the end of something. While many view this time as a time to spend the most time at home with their family, others are planning to explore places as distant as London...

Biopics pose question of creative liberties

Biopics pose question of creative liberties

Anjali Kota, Managing Editor December 20, 2022

Growing up, one of my mom’s favorite movies was “Erin Brokovich,” a biopic on a case in California about poisoned water by a large company. Throughout my life, I have seen many instances of biopics,...

Sometimes a thrifted piece may need some TLC, but that just makes the end result worth it.

Thrifting rises through social media, prompted by fashion cycles

Anjali Kota, Managing Editor December 3, 2022

Flip left, flip right, a quick once over for stains or unintended rips, and into the cart it goes. This is the life of many thrifters. They may find something worth saving in an old beaten up Coach bag,...

Reading Through the Ages

Anjali Kota, Managing Editor November 16, 2022

Students seek homework help from peers and teachers in the Math Resource Center. Tutoring cancelled following two years of underuse

Anjali Kota, Managing Editor November 1, 2022

District 99 has chosen not to renew its subscription to Tutoring; a decision that hasn’t been very highly disputed by students of either DGS or DGN. With so few students who truly used the service,...

Yoga doesnt have to be done dressed in athleisure in a fancy studio— it can be done at home in old clothes.

Goats, wine, Lululemon: Why yoga has become too mainstream

Anjali Kota, Managing Editor October 7, 2022

Yoga shouldn’t only be about the pretty clothes or taking cute pictures in an Instagrammable studio. With goat yoga, puppy yoga, wine yoga, hot yoga and many more muddling the roots of yoga, today’s...

Lady Mustang Micro-Influencers

Emma Fudacz, Managing Editor March 16, 2022

Come with me... and youll see... its the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The correct order in which to watch the MCU

Anjali Kota, Freelance Writer December 16, 2021

Marvel fans are old and young from all over the world and yet the one thing that seems to divide them, other than whether Thor or Captain America is better, is whether the Marvel Cinematic Universe is...

This year, the gala saw a range of outfits, worn by both TikTok influencers and longtime celebrities, some that conformed to the prompt and some that didn’t.

The Met Gala: how people did (or didn’t) conform to the prompt

Anjali Kota, Freelance Writer October 1, 2021

When one is presented with the theme “In America: a Lexicon of Fashion” you would expect your typical stars and stripes. Yet only a few chose to go this route, and this Met we ended up seeing more...

This Black History month, expand the content you read by highlighting black authors and black stories.

10 fiction books to read from Black authors this February

Anjali Kota, Freelance Writer February 17, 2021

With February being Black History Month, educating yourself and honoring Black creators through the books you read is a priority. Having diversity in the books we read is one of the first steps to being...

Among Us is the latest gaming craze to grip teens, but is it worth the hype?

Among Us: Is the hype justified?

Anjali Kota, Freelance Writer February 8, 2021

Here is the game that has taken over the internet. The game that is top trending almost everywhere. The game that is all over social media. You guessed it: Among Us. Among Us is making a huge debut...

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