A look at the Winter Art Show


Andrew O'Connor

Andrew O'Connor's art piece for the winter art show that he made in Digital Photography 1.

With the DGS Winter Art Show wrapped up, students from varying classes such as ceramics, drawing and painting all had to get ready to put their pieces on display. This art show highlighted the students’ hard work throughout the semester, while also showing off their originality.

To take part in the art show students must be taking an art class. These art classes include: any drawing course, any painting course, ceramics, photography, or 3D art.

Katherine O’Truk, one of the art teachers at DGS, teaches drawing and painting one, drawing two, painting two, drawing three, painting three, studio art, AP art and yearbook. O’Truk talks about the hard work her students have put in preparation for the art show.

“Everybody is matting work and tagging work or putting a wire on the back of a painting, so it is all out on the cart … everybody hopefully puts in at least one piece. If you are in an advanced class I ask that you at least put in two or three things because they make more… we are all pretty much ready to go,” O’Truk said.

Alexis Pragides is a junior here and is currently taking drawing three. She has been taking art classes since her freshman year. Pragides talks about what she has done in preparation for the art show.

“I finished the pieces that are going to be in it [the art show] mostly. We have one more to go, I don’t think it’s going to be ready by the art show. I think next week we are helping Ms. O’Truk hang up all the pieces,” Pragides said.

Hewane Melkie is a senior and is taking AP photography this semester. Melkie talks about her previous experiences with the Winter Art Show.

“I have been in the winter art show since my sophomore year and it’s always a really good experience. [It] makes you feel relevant as an aspiring artist even if it is just a few parents, peers and teachers. It makes me feel proud of my work and it is nice to simulate being treated like a real artist,” Melkie said.

Pragides spoke about why she believes the art show is important to the school.

“I feel like it is important because the arts aren’t as appreciated as sports, like theatre, visual arts, all that isn’t as recognized as everything else. It gives a chance for all the people who are good at visual arts to show off their work,” Pragides said.

The Winter Art Show was held on Dec. 12 at 6 p.m. and on Dec. 16 at 3:20 p.m. at the West Events entrance.