My one true love: Amazon Prime


Marjorie Lichner

Amazon Prime has the perfect selection of films to watch.

With J.B. Pritzker extending social distancing guidelines till the end of April, my life has changed drastically. I have found myself trying out different streaming services, and I found the perfect match — Amazon Prime.

From the surface, Amazon Prime looks no different than any other streaming service. You can use it on almost any device and they have tons of movies and television shows all at your fingertips.

Now personally, I have never been in love with any streaming service. Netflix never seems to have the movies I want to watch, and Disney+ has really limited options for teens like me. Amazon Prime has plenty of options not only for me, but for everyone.

Something that I really like about Amazon Prime is that they have no desire to replace good movies with Amazon originals, whereas Netflix seems to be getting rid of shows like “Friends” in exchange for terrible Netflix originals like “Elite” or “The Society.” Amazon Prime has a good mix of classic shows as well as some of their Amazon originals.

This isn’t just a streaming service though. Amazon Prime is also used for delivery, shopping and reading services. When you buy Amazon Prime you get access to free movies, shows, books and free two-day shipping when you order something through Amazon; these have more perks than any other streaming service has to offer.

Of course no streaming service will ever have everything you want, but when Amazon Prime doesn’t have the movie or show, it gives you an option to buy or rent it. Two quick taps and a few dollars later, you have access to the title you want.

Some titles Amazon Prime has that other streaming services lack are “Teen Wolf,” “Survivor” and “Every Day.”

Amazon Prime also keeps updated with new and popular movies. While other streaming services take what seems like forever for newer titles, Amazon Prime is always updating their shows and movies.

The only downside I really experienced with Prime was that they are quick to remove Prime from certain titles. I was halfway through a movie, only to pause and come back to see that they had taken it off Prime, meaning that I had to buy it to finish the rest of the movie.

However, this came as a blessing in disguise, as one of my favorite movies became free to watch after they had updated their titles.

Truthfully, I have Amazon Prime to thank when it comes to finding good movies and shows during quarantine. This streaming service may be the only reason I haven’t gone stir crazy and home yet.