Class of 2020 adapts to senior year changes


Alison Goulding

Yard signs celebrate the class of 2020 graduates, who face unforeseen changes to their senior year.

For the class of 2020, their last day of high school happened on March 13. without any of them knowing it. For the senior class, the last few months of their high school career has changed in a way few could have predicted. Seniors have had to make adjustments not only to their daily routines, but also their future plans, such as prom and graduation.

Events such as prom and graduation have been rescheduled for later dates; however, with school being closed for the remainder of the semester, there are more memories seniors may miss out on.

With remote learning in place, seniors will be unable to spend their last weeks of school in person with their classmates. Many will commemorate their last ever day of high school learning from their own home. Senior Carson Wagner spoke about what he misses most from being in classes.

“I miss being able to hang out in class and joke around, plus have genuine human connection. I can’t even see friends outside of classes now, so I really miss being able to joke around in person,” Wagner said.

With remote learning, Google Classroom is working in place of a real classroom, and Zoom calls are becoming a way to communicate in a setting similar to a classroom. These methods are in place with the goal of continuing education online.

Senior Gianna Chimino describes her thoughts on the lack of in person interaction and learning.

“I miss it [school]. I miss seeing my friends everyday. Online school just isn’t the same… I’m not learning as much as I would if I would be in class,” Chimino said.

Along with not being able to study in the classroom and to see teachers, with social distancing guidelines put in place for safety reasons, students are not allowed to see their friends. Senior Julian Perez described why this is upsetting.

“I miss being able to sit by my friends and talk about the most random things before school, during classes, or during lunch,” Perez said.

While many miss the in person connection that school creates, senior Rileigh Weber is staying positive and finding new ways to communicate and connect with friends and teachers.

“We have so many resources to keep us connected and enjoy what time we have together. We have so many creative people around us so there can always be a way for us to stick together and have some fun while still being apart,” Weber said.

As of May 5, the government issued a state lockdown that will end on May 30. Many events that seniors look forward to were scheduled to happen during the lockdown. Some of these events have been rescheduled for later in the summer.

While events like prom and graduation will still happen, little things like signing yearbooks and the last day of school cannot be rescheduled. Chimino spoke of her disappointment for missing these activities.

“I’m having trouble enjoying senior year now because everything we were looking forward to is canceled or rescheduled. We don’t even get to sign each other’s yearbooks,” Chimino said.

Prom has been rescheduled for June 29. and graduation has been set for July 1. These events are often what some seniors have been looking forward to since entering DGS. Perez spoke on how these events may be different for the class of 2020.

“I was looking forward to enjoying the last few months of what was the rest of my high school experience, being able to go to prom, the senior night at Six Flags and graduation. Even though these have been pushed back, it’s just not going to be the same since we’re not at school anymore.’ Perez said.

The loss of the end of their senior year is something that many seniors are trying to grow from. Weber explained how this was a learning experience for her.

“Through all this I’ve learned to have a more positive outlook on life in general. I’m not taking what I had in life for granted,” Weber said.