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Enzo Rovito

Enzo Rovito, Graphic Designer

Enzo Rovito is a senior at DGS and the Graphic Designer for the Blueprint. He has participated in cheerleading at both the high school and all-star level. He currently pursues his love for cheerleading at ICE All-stars, a highly competitive cheer gym located in Naperville, Ill.

Along with cheerleading, Rovito has led the Snowball program at DGS. He has had an interest in journalism since a young age; it developed because of his love for editorial magazines such as Vogue. His interest in graphic design was a recent discovery that started from editing pictures of his friends that he posts on an Instagram page called @file.moveit0rloseit.jpeg.

Rovito has been cheering for the past three years and the past year at the all-star level. He’s on two teams (Halo and Blackout), spends most of his free time at the gym and loves every second of it.

Along with his love for visual arts, Rovito also has a passion for musical arts. Music has played such an impactful role in his life. He loves concert culture and the atmosphere of being in a concert haul surrounded by people that all have the same interest as him.

Some of his favorite artists include Fleetwood Mac, Grimes, SZA, 100 Gecs and Ayesha Erotica.

In the future, Rovito plans on studying graphic design in college. He also hopes to continue his love for cheerleading by becoming a coach sometime in the future.

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Enzo Rovito