Fenty Beauty: new makeup line by Rihanna


Rihanna, the queen of fashion, recently came out with an all-inclusive makeup line called Fenty Beauty. This makeup line includes the whole nine yards starting with a primer and finishing with a lip gloss. Fenty Beauty has 40 different foundation shades, which are diverse in color when compared to other companies like Urban Decay, BareMinerals and Tarte who only have an average of 25 colors.

The foundation is broken up into four different color categories, which have 10 colors in their spectrum. The four color categories are light, medium, tan and deep. These categories have three different tones: neutral, warm and cool. Since each color is so specified into a category it allows people to get their perfect color.

To apply the foundation, she released a precision makeup sponge and a full-bodied foundation brush. The makeup sponge has a flat-side with a flat top and a rounded top and bottom. I looked at many reviews from youtubers like: Laura Lee and Jeffree Star and they have said the makeup sponge absorbs most of the product while the brush gave them the best coverage. Now I didn’t have the money to purchase these tools, but I trust makeup-gurus enough to believe what they say is truthful.

Along with the foundation, Rihanna came out with concealer and contour sticks which also have a wide variety of colors with 20 different shades. The concealers have a thick and creamy consistency, yet they are soft and blendable. Rihanna must’ve had this makeup line very planned out because she also has a brush, which helps blend out the concealer and contour; it is called the portable contour and concealer brush.

While I’m still talking about the makeup tools, let’s talk about the other brushes and tools she released. For highlighting there are two brushes: the portable highlighter brush and the cheek-hugging highlight brush. These brushes make it easy to have the perfect amount of highlight with correct placement. The last brush she came out with was the portable touch up brush.

The portable touch up brush goes hand-in-hand with the invisimatte blotting powder. This blotting powder was made colorless so anyone could use it while getting the same mattifying effect. In the blotting category Rihanna also released blotting paper to help you mattify on-the-go. The blotting papers are perfect for when you don’t want to put on more makeup to mattify your skin, but you still want matte skin.

Last but of course not least– the killawatt highlighters. These highlighters are what everyone is talking about right now because they are blinding. The one that is most raved about is called “Trophy Wife,” which is a sparkly yellow-gold highlight. While it is supposed to be a universal color, many beauty gurus have said it doesn’t work well with light skin tones. There are six highlighters total with two single ones and four duos.

Since this makeup line looked so intriguing, I decided to try it out. I only bought the primer and foundation because even though it is a reasonable price for high-end makeup, buying everything in the makeup line would’ve broken my bank account. The two products that I did get to try out were amazing and applied to my skin smoothly. My only problem was that my color match wasn’t spot on since the Sephora lady who matched me quickly guessed what my color would be and told me to buy it.

Other than my awkward Sephora experience, I would say Rihanna did an amazing job with this makeup line. Out of 10, I’d give this makeup line a nine because even though the foundation is flawless on the skin, the concealer and contour sticks are too thick consistency-wise compared to the foundation.

Rihanna is said to be coming out with more foundation colors broadening the color spectrum even more. A couple things I hope she adds to this makeup in the future would be a mascara because that’s the only thing she’s missing to make this a full face makeup line.

Fenty Beauty has set a new bar for the makeup industry and it has also set new standards for mainstream beauty expectations. The former ‘Wild Thoughts’ singer has shown us that she is a force to be reckoned with when comes to all things fashion, music and now beauty as well.