Valentine’s Day: Not worth the hype


Isabella Johnsen

Valentine’s Day could exit my life and I wouldn’t even care.

If there is one holiday that I hate the most, it’s Valentine’s Day. It’s just an excuse to be overly affectionate with your partner for one whole day, and the only reason people excuse it is because “it’s Valentine’s Day.”

Couples just use this day to flex their relationships on the people who aren’t in one. I promise you that almost no one cares that your boyfriend bought you flowers and a teddy bear.

Walking through the halls on Valentine’s Day is the worst. Balloons, flowers and over affectionate lovers litter the halls making it hard to get from place to place at school. As someone who won’t be celebrating Valentine’s Day this year, the last thing I want to see is extra PDA in the hallway.

As someone who works the day before Valentines Day, I can personally attack all the teenage boys (or their moms) who buy stuff for their partner last minute. By then all the flowers are wilted and all the candy left are those awful, chalky conversation hearts that say “Kiss Me.”

I think the thing that bothers me the most is what people plan on Valentine’s Day. Going out with your partner for an expensive dinner in an over-crowded restaurant doesn’t sound personable or unique and it’s not even remotely romantic.

I don’t know why we need to designate a day to spoil someone we care about. If you truly care about someone, you shouldn’t feel you have to wait until Valentine’s Day to show it.

Now I understand that for some people Valentine’s Day isn’t about couples; maybe it’s about family or showing your friends that you care about them. Simply caring about your friends and family should be enough to show that you are an important person in their life.

Some might say that since Valentine’s Day is a holiday for love, it’s worth showing some sort of affection. However, if you’re finally buying flowers for your girlfriend that she has been asking for for over a month — then you are sending the wrong message.

If I haven’t made it clear by this point, Valentine’s Day is insufferable for the part of the population who isn’t in a relationship, so please don’t force that affection on us.