Wacky finals schedule creates confusion


Marjorie Lichner

Students study for their finals in the morning before school.

With finals on the horizon, students are preparing to take their tests before winter break. I will be taking five finals this semester, four of which will be on actual testing days.

Finals right before winter break is an issue for me. Having to multitask between working long hours, studying hard for finals and shopping for last minute gifts, it is safe to say it is one of the most stressful times of year.

It doesn’t help that the finals schedule is complete chaos.

It gives me actual anxiety just thinking about the parking situation during finals. Bus lot parking is going to be chaotic and the senior lot won’t be much better. I actually have no idea where I am going to park my car during finals.

I have eighth period off which is absolutely amazing except when it comes to finals. Being trapped in between two finals is the worst way to spend my time. Even worse is when every relatively important class I take has a final before the actual test date, which leaves me to play on my phone for a whole hour and a half instead of going home.

What’s even more hectic is the fact that I have a class that is two periods long. This means that on two different days, I have to go to the same class to take a final. It is quite pesky to have to keep studying for the same test instead of just taking it on the same day.

I feel like people with study halls may be in the same boat as the rest of us. Having a study hall during the middle of finals is disgusting because all you can really do is study or play on your phone. What’s even worse is if you have only easy finals left, such as gym or art.

Granted, some students may get lucky with having eighth period off and a sixth period lunch, but those odds are so slim it’s like winning the lottery. Being able to leave early allows students more time to study or relax before the next day.

Having an email sent out by the school discussing finals, parking and any other end of year issues would be beneficial for almost everyone. Getting more information about the finals schedule will definitely ease my mind.

As a senior, these finals may be my last in my high school career, and it’s definitely something I won’t miss. All I can hope is that I survive this last one.