Fab fall fashion


Vianney Mendoza

DGS students fall fashion

Fall: It comes every year as leaves slowly fall and the temperature gets cooler. We have to whip out the chunky jackets that keep us snuggled, sweaters that make us feel like we’re wrapped up in a blanket all day long and boots that keep our feet not only warm but also feeling cozy.   

As cold weather approaches, it excites me that for the next five to six months I don’t have to think about being too hot at school. I thought that this wasn’t going to be an issue this year. We all got those emails that said there was going to be air conditioning, but somehow I was still breaking a sweat in math class.

During the fall and winter months, I enjoy being able to dress in the same clothes at school and at home. I don’t know if anyone else feels this way but in the summer I wear a cute outfit at home and when I have family around I feel weird and sort of uncomfortable.

Fashion in the winter months is super casual and easy to throw on in five seconds. I also like that everything is so much more aesthetic, from the warm colors to cheery people ready for festivities.

I’ve noticed that in the fall months everything is much more simple. It’s also an in-between from summer and winter — the variety of clothes and styles of clothes are endless.

I also love being able to spice up an outfit by simply adding some of my favorite dainty accessories. Not only is layering jewelry fun but you can also layer some edgy T-shirts with a jacket. As the day goes on, if you get hot you can just take a layer off.

As a working student, I’m on a budget which means I have to figure out when I am able to buy clothes without disrupting the saving system. I’ve recently discovered TJ Maxx and there I am able to find some of my favorite brands like Calvin Klein, Lucky Brand and Levi’s.

All in all the winter months give me the ability to have fun with my fashion and get creative.