Jazz concert: Preview

Vianney Mendoza

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Issue 4
March 22, 2019

Sam Guagliardo

Senior Isaac Rutledge soloing at jazz ensemble opening for the Pete Ellman.

On Monday, May 13, at 7 p.m. the Jazz Ensemble will be holding a concert. The jazz band has practiced every day before school from 7:05 to 7:50 a.m. This will also be the last performance for seniors in the ensemble.

Some of the key points of the night will be the Latin piece “Minuano.” Senior Sam Guagliardo said they have been working on perfecting their skills during practice.

“We have instrument sectionals, so all the trumpets rehearse together to improve on the parts of the music we specifically need to work on,” Guagliardo said.

Junior Stephan Nicholson is also very excited to perform “Minuano” because of all the hard work put into it thus far.

“Our most challenging piece Minuano, we have been working very hard [during practices] to get the piece

to where it is now. I have a nice little solo which is always cool,” Nicholson said.

Band director Glen Williams described another highlight of the night.

Music by Count Basie, Pat Metheny and David Baker among many others will be featured.  A special combined bands rendition of Little Liza Jane will be a highlight of the evening,” Williams said.

Another highlight of the night will be senior Isaac Rutledge, with the lead Sax solo. He received the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award and was also named the outstanding senior in music.

“He is very clear and artistic when he improvises,” Guagliardo said.

The concert will be held in the auditorium and is open to anyone who would like to appreciate jazz.

“People should attend to branch out in their understanding and appreciation for music. Jazz is one of few types of music that were formed and developed entirely in the US, and to be exposed to jazz means to have experienced part of our history,” Guagliardo said.