Snow Factory


Rolled ice cream has been the new, popular dessert for a couple of years, but us suburbanites didn’t get to try it until a new ice cream shop opened up nearby. Located at 751 E Boughton Rd in Bolingbrook, Snow Factory has been jam-packed with customers since the day it opened.

It certainly isn’t a big enough space to sit and enjoy your ice cream in peace. Most of the space in the shop is taken up by the working area which consists of three rolled ice cream machines and two nitrogen-infused ice cream areas. Nitrogen-infused ice cream is pretty much what the name says it is—ice cream with liquid nitrogen mixed into it.

Snow Factory is certainly dainty when it comes to decorations with only a few hanging light-bulb lights, TVs for the menu and a TV for entertainment purposes. There are a few tables where you can sit and enjoy your ice cream, but after being there a few times, I would suggest taking the ice cream on the go because it is very loud and crowded in the shop.

The menu is amazing, descriptive and very creative. The names aren’t your boring chocolate and vanilla, but something along the lines of S’mores Galore and Cookie Monster. While it is quite pricey, you’ll be getting your money’s worth because the ice cream tastes incredible.

Both the rolled and the nitrogen-infused ice creams are smooth and melt in your mouth. Toppings are included with ice cream based on the name and description, and extra toppings can be added for 50 cents per topping.

Rolled ice cream ranges from $5.46 to $5.91 for the different flavors and amount of toppings that come with the ice cream. Nitrogen-infused ice cream is $5.91 with 8 different flavors and almost all of them come with two pocky sticks and a syringe which is filled with a syrup based on the flavor of the ice cream.

There are also some different things on the menu which have liquid nitrogen in them: pop ice which is $8.02, and dragon breath which ranges from $4.99 to $5.46. I got cereal balls dragon breath since everyone was saying how cool it was, but I wasn’t really excited when I tasted it. They were super crunchy and cold when you bit into them, but I guess that’s what happens to cereal balls when they are soaked in nitrogen.

I have to give Snow Factory props for not being just another rolled ice cream place. They took the opportunity in combining two different things and made a success out of it. I would give Snow Factory an 8 out of 10 because while it fulfilled my sweet tooth, it broke my bank account with its high prices. To look at more flavors and descriptions check out their website: