Horoscopes 11/15


Zodiac Signs

Kora Montana, Online Co-Editor-in-Cheif

Aries- If you feel like you are struggling to get through to someone, do not be afraid to be vulnerable and open up. Your lucky vegetable is a cucumber.

Taurus- Remember this week that there is no “I” in “Team.” If you feel an underlying problem starting to reach the surface at work or school, confrontation will only make it worse. Your lucky vegetable is a carrot.

Gemini- There is not a single way to explain how you are feeling now. If you want to convey your emotions, it will take more than just a few words. Your lucky vegetable is a radish.

Cancer- You may be losing hope and energy as the week goes on. This weekend will be full of relaxation for you to rejuvenate yourself. Hang in there. Your lucky vegetable is a potato.

Leo- Don’t get caught up in or work too hard for someone else’s needs. Your happiness comes first. Your lucky vegetable is a yam.

Virgo- This week has probably been horrible for you. Fake it ‘till ya make it! Here’s an unseasoned brussel sprout for your “lucky” vegetable.

Libra- Your beliefs may be severely clashing with those of a loved one. Try to compromise, you are both entitled to your own opinion. Your lucky vegetable is asparagus.

Scorpio- You are focusing too much on looking for signs that are not there. Have confidence and trust in yourself. Your lucky vegetable is a leek.

Sagittarius- If you are feeling extra tuned in to your health and fitness, take advantage of it. You will be rewarded with positive results. Your lucky vegetable is a celery stick.

Capricorn- You have big dreams brewing now. Pursue them instead of forgetting about them, they are important. Your lucky vegetable is a beet.

Aquarius- If you feel like you are at a loss for how to help a loved one, remember your presence alone is more than enough. Your lucky vegetable is an eggplant.

Pisces- Make yourself open to those around you. Someone may be afraid to discuss a personal matter with you, let them know you are there for the. Your lucky vegetable is a bell pepper.