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The student news site of Downers Grove South High School


The student news site of Downers Grove South High School


‘Wish’ makes people wish for their money back

Kristel Juarez
“Wish” does not live up to the expectations Disney has set for their animated movies.

On Nov. 22, the much anticipated movie “Wish” came out. Though the movie was hyped up by a lot of people, it was a major flop at the box office. Kids and adults were disappointed at the lack of logic and the lack of writing in this Disney film.

Since 2017 Disney has changed a lot, from their animation styles to their stories. While watching “Wish” it is clear that Disney has changed for the worse.

Starting off with the characters, Asha gave most viewers second hand embarrassment. From the way she acts too arrogant-she acts more like a queen than the queen herself-to her extreme sadness, Asha’s emotions were largely not even necessary Her character has major flaws; she was the type of person who kept chasing after problems and was too emotional when nothing went her way.

Now there are good qualities of Asha, though they are not that visible, one being she has a goal for her people. Asha is selfless and wishes for others happiness instead of hers, and she is also seen as a sympathetic character. The best quality that the audience found in her was that she was forgiving, and wished the best for someone who had betrayed her.

The second character who stood out was the king himself, voiced by Chris Pine, who was perfect for the role. The film makers ignored the fact that for a certain character to be a villain they need a backstory which affected them a lot. The movie did not go into any detail about his past and made it seem like he was born a villain.

The king’s character was more of a tyrant than an actual person. This can be proven by the way he treats his wife. The beginning of this movie, the filmmakers constantly ignored the way he spoke arrogantly towards her.

They even tried to justify this treatment by hinting that the king acted this way because he was being controlled by dark magic. When in the very beginning his actions towards his wife were no different.

Apart from these two characters, no one else really stood out because it was centered around both the hero and the villain. The “friends” that Asha had were unnecessary, and they just made the film more crowed and boring. When creating characters it’s important to know that too many characters will mess with the viewers’ thinking and crowd the entire movie.

Moving on from the characters, another flaw of the movie was its logic. People were able to ignore that animals could talk, but most could not get over the over dramatic scenes. One of these included when the citizen’s wishes were destroyed by the king, they all acted as if they were having a heart attack which was so unnecessary.

Another thing most viewers hated while watching the movie was that things would not correlate sometimes. During the movie Asha is seen running away with her grandfather and mother in the river. Asha, who has a change of mind, leaves the boat while her family keeps traveling. Around five minutes after that, when the king goes mad and the crowd gathers up, her family is seen there, which is confusing, because just a moment ago they were in a boat in the middle of the river getting away.

The animation also bothered a lot of people. The movies made in 2015 had better animation than the one in “Wish.” Some audiences hoped that since it had been years Disney might have improved the animation, but it was still the same, just uglier.

The only part where the animation was good was when they showed the setting of the movie, like the kingdom and the forests. For these reasons the film deserves only a five out of ten. Its important to acknowledge that what teens and adults feel about this film might be different than how a child feels for it.

So it entirely depends on the age group this movie was aimed for. But many audiences claimed that “Wish” was just average and boring. Maybe Disney could do better next time.

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