Mustangs bet on March Madness tournament


Amanda Despres

Students bet money on March Madness tournament games.

Amanda Despres, Social Media Director and Business Manager

Every March the NCAA Men’s and Women’s Division I basketball teams play a single elimination tournament that is made up of 68 teams and compete in multiple rounds of games until there is a champion. This popular tournament is known as March Madness and throughout March has basketball fans everywhere tuning in to watch the games.

Since this tournament is a single elimination tournament, a lot of people make brackets at school and within their friends and family to bet on who is going to win.

CTE teacher Ruth White teaches Sports and Entertainment Marketing at DGS and incorporates the March Madness tournament into her teaching.

“I have my students complete a bracket and we check it each Monday. This event incorporates objectives of the class and it does add excitement to the tournament. The tournament shows real time application of sports marketing so the students are able to apply the lessons learned in class,” White said.

Senior varsity softball player Anna Luczak completes a March Madness bracket within her team at the beginning of the season.

“For softball at DGS we participate in making March Madness brackets and do a split the pot with the revenue. I like doing March Madness brackets because it’s fun to create your own bracket and being able to root for the teams that I want to win. I usually do multiple brackets and make them all a little different, which allows me to have a greater chance to win,” Luczak said.

Many students make bets online as well. Senior Ben Orozco uses an app to bet on games throughout the month.

“I am really into watching March Madness and I bet on this app called Prize Picks which is legal for 18 year olds to bet on games, which is the app that most other kids my age bet on as well. I think it’s really fun to bet on the games and if I can win some money by doing it then why not,” Orozco said.

The first round of March Madness starts March 16, 2023 and the tournament will conclude April 3 at the championship game.