Caroline Polacheck returns with pop masterpiece ‘Desire, I want to turn into you’


Polacheck’s tour for ‘Desire, I want to turn into you’ kicked off Feb. 10. 2023 and will continue into 2024.

Allison Scherquist, Entertainment Editor

Caroline Polacheck has become a staple in the ever-growing indie-pop scene over the past few years. Originating from the pop-duo Chairlift, the London-based singer released her second album “Desire, I want to turn into you,” on Feb 14. 2023.

With adventurous production and bold vocals, the singer’s sophomore album is an incredible new addition to Polachek’s discography.

Polacheck ditches her hyper-pop past in her second album, allowing her true vocals to come front show. Her voice is unmistakably pop, a sound reminiscent of Kate Bush. Polacheck’s singing is a high point of the entire album, but they stand out, especially in “Pretty in Possible” and “Bunny is a rider,” both atmospheric highlights of the album.

The thematic nature of the album is as strong as her vocals, motifs regarding physical desire and wanting are heavy on the record, with Polacheck singing “After all the tears, you’re all I need,” on “Fly to You.”

Yet, the concept of love explored on “Desire” doesn’t present as intimate or tender, it’s violent, almost foreboding. Polacheck singing “the fallout doesn’t phase me, take a bullet for me, baby, I’m fucking crazy,” on “Smoke,” being a prime example of this.

Production wise “Desire, I want to turn into you,” is hard to define, while 80’s synths and pop-glowing backing vocals occupy the majority of the album, tracks “Sunset” and “Blood and Butter” utilize flamenco instrumentation, with acoustic guitars and fast-past beats.

With musical originality reminiscent of Bjork, Polacheck seems to have dabbled in everything, leading to the instrumental aspect of the album being one of the best draws to potential listeners.

Haunted imagery comes into play on track “Crude Drawing of An Angel” Polacheck vocals are eerily distorted to sound like an angel voice as she sings, “Draw your blood, draw your breath, strike the whites from your eyes…I will not be gentle with you,” The creepy nature of the song sets it apart from others on the album, making it a highlight of “Desire, I want to turn into you”

The album ends with the track “Billions,” another high point on the album. Polachecks brings the listeners into a twisted love affair as she chants “Psycho..headless angel, I’ve never felt so close to you,” echos and octave changes occupy the song until it’s bitter end, with Polacheck voice-backed by a choir muttering “I’ve never felt so close to you.”

Polachecks newest album is a masterclass in what to do right when releasing music. Its sonic and instrumental originality sets it apart from the increasingly over-saturated indie-pop genre. With atmospheric and deeply melodic production combined with cuttingly clean vocals, “Desire, I want to turn into you” proves to be the singer’s best album to date.