Winter dance makes comeback


Jennifer Martinez

Students enjoy the props used at the 2020 Winter Formal photo booth. This year’s dance will be on Saturday Feb. 25.

Students will feel like they are gazing at the Aurora Borealis at the “Northern Lights” themed Winter dance on Feb. 25. This will be the first indoor dance since 2020.

Tickets will be $25 if purchased prior to the dance and $30 if purchased at the door.

Student Activities Director Jennifer Martinez has been looking forward to bringing back this tradition to the student body.

“It’s always something that we wanted to bring back because it involves a lot of people and brings a lot of joy to a lot of people. The question was really just with COVID, and working through those things. Last year it wasn’t even a possibility to put on the table,” Martinez said.

As indoor dances have functioned in the past, the music and dancing will be held in the large gym, while refreshments and other activities will be held in the small gym. Junior class board and student council are the student groups involved in the planning process. Student council co-president and senior Connor Lyons described what both groups are doing to prepare for the dance.

“We’re helping to plan it, and get all of the decorations set and work all that behind the scenes stuff,” Lyons said.

All of the money used to fund the dance comes directly from students themselves. The more students who attend the dance, the higher the budget will be.

“The money comes from the ticket sales: same for homecoming. Money generated from student attendance then pays for the cost of the DJ, the cost of the decorations [and] pays for the cost of any snacks or food items that we have,” Martinez said.