Top 10 Kanye West Songs


Kanye West’s breakout album, Graduation, lead to a whole new generation of music, talent and emotions that Kanye provokes.

Michael Nelli, Online Sports Editor

Kanye West is a music mogul that has had much success doing what he loves. Making music. With all the fame, glory and money comes a whole slew of differentiated music in his discography. He has made waves in the news as of recent, so why not remember him for what he is the best at. Making rap music.

#10: New Slaves
Explanation in 1-3 sentences.
Kanye attacks modern-day inequality from the music industry standpoint and makes it known he’s sick of being a piece too big corporations games. He speaks on racial inequalities in his lifetime, his mother’s lifetime and unjust doing of high profile people in the music world.
#9: The New Workout Plan
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This is just a super fun song with such an atypical Kanye beat for his music back in 2004. It leads to creating other people’s first big hit, like J Cole’s “Workout”. Outside of that, it’s just a super catchy, upbeat song that gives you a sense of happiness.
#8: Everything I Am
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My personal favorite Kanye song, it is overlooked. You see Kanye does all sorts of different things within one genre, but this was his first time really speaking about his upbringing and how he got to where he was. Surrounded by songs of a hyped-up nature on this album (Graduation), it’s a nice mental break to hear something this deep.
#7: Monster (feat Rick Ross, Jay Z, Nicki Minaj)
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Just look at the features of this song, all of them are different but work together perfectly. The slight narcissism shown by Kanye in this song is actually quite nice to hear and it shows how on top of the rap game he was when he put out My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Nicki and Jay Z kill their verses while Rick Ross does his own thing to start it off.
#6: Ultralight Beam (feat Chance, the Rapper)
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Would this be higher if this was a Chance list, yes it would? Does that change the fact that Kanye made the song and got the absolute most out of Chance, no it doesn’t? This song has gospel and rap rolled into one that makes sure you will feel at least three emotions all at once.

#5: Touch the Sky (feat Lupe Fiasco)
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To see two Chicago kids come and make this big of a hit brings a smile to my face whenever it comes on. You can tell Kanye is having fun with his part while Lupe brings in a lyrical aspect that can be forgotten about in rap nowadays. With the refrain done so well by Kanye, it’s a fun musical experience

#4: Paranoid
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Paranoid is not one of his most popular tracks off of 808’s, but it should be. Talking about the trauma and adversity of his last relationship, the lyrics show some true character that we lack seeing from Kanye nowadays. The slight use of autotune sounds great on the song, and the beat pairs with it perfectly.

#3: Violent Crimes
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New Kanye has been short of expectation, but Violent Crimes is a musical adventure. Switching in and out of styles of music and topics, with the angelic voice of 070 shakes, Kanye really hit this one out of the park. If you need a song that puts you into thought, this one is for you.

#2: Homecoming
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Is this Chicago bias, yes probably. That doesn’t change how meaningful this song was for Kanye or for his hometown fans. He wrote a letter apologizing for not being true to the city and made it into a hit.

#1: Runaway (feat Pusha T)
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The two notes played on the piano for the first minute and two seconds set a tone for a heartfelt song that wasn’t seen on this album. With Pusha T writing his verse four times and being amid a falling out with his girlfriend, you hear the emotion in his voice. 10/10 must listen.