Top 10 Taylor Swift Bridges


Lauren Wilmore

Taylor Swift is well-known for her amazing bridges and these are the best ones.

#10: Long Story Short

Taylor Swift has been full of revenge songs in the past, but on her newest album Evermore she released this important song talking about how revenge isn’t worth it. The bridge is her talking to her past self, saying holding grudges and revenge will not lead to internal satisfaction.

#9: Getaway Car

You will no doubt want to get up and dance, as Taylor Swift belts out this bridge. It has a really upbeat rhythm and has a different sound than the other songs on her album Reputation.

#8: Last Kiss

This heartbreaking song on Speak Now has very deep lyrics that really showcase the lyrical talent Swift has. The bridge stands out because you can really feel the loss Taylor Swift communicates as she sings her heart out to the lyrics.

#7: Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince

This song on Lover functions as a huge metaphor on the ability to love someone despite the inequality and politics in the world. The bridge is what makes this song so great, with pauses in the right places and a catchy rhythm to make any listener feel like they are on top of the world.

#6: King Of My Heart

The bridge in this song on Reputation is a mixture of perfect music and lyrics, there is not one thing to change about it.

#5: champagne problems

This unique love song on Evermore is about someone who can’t commit to a relationship because of all the problems they have. This beautiful and deep bridge shows the true emotional depth of Swift’s lyrics.

#4: All Too Well

All Swifties know this song all too well; arguably All to Well is one of Taylor Swift’s saddest songs. Featured on the album Red, the entire song is in reference to her breakup with actor Jake Gyllenal. The angry emotions Swift feels are all packed into the bridge, making the listeners want to let out their own emotions along with her.

#3: Cruel Summer

This song on Lover is a happy track that makes you release any sadness you may have. So it comes to no one’s surprise that the beat drop in this bridge makes you feel like you’re flying. Swift has made it feel like it’s summer just by listening to this bridge.

#2: Death By A Thousand Cuts

On Lover, this song comes up number two simply because of the lyric mastery Swift portrays in her songwriting. You can hear Swift’s emotion as she sings the lyrics, making the listener feel exactly what she is going through.

#1: Out Of The Woods

This iconic and powerful bridge on 1989 is well-known to be about Taylor Swift and Harry Styles getting in a car crash together. In this bridge she switches the pace of the song to grab her listeners’ attention to the lyrics she’s belting. Once you hear this bridge, you will never want to stop.