Annie Metherd’s perspective-changing revelation on concerts


Annie Metherd

Metherd, bottom right, in the crowd of the Greta Van Fleet concert, enjoying the music while meeting new people.

When you go to a concert, you expect to have a good time and get lost in the music, but that is not the case for junior Annie Metherd.

Metherd shares how concerts have made her feel like a part of a bigger community, giving her freedom while making her problems seem small.

“In fifth grade, I went to a Taylor Swift concert, and I think that was my third concert, so I was finally old enough to have a sense of the world for the first time. I was like, ‘This is the coolest thing ever, I want to keep going to concerts,’” Metherd said.

Metherd continued, stating how concerts broadened her view on the world: “When you are growing up, you don’t have a great sense of the world. Concerts were that one thing that kind of taught me more about the world than I’ve known before… it makes your problems seem a lot smaller, I think that’s why I like it so much.”

A sense of community draws Metherd to concerts, even for smaller music artists.

“There’s this band called Greta Van Fleet that I went to go see with my dad in Madison, Wisconsin last summer. That was another turning point for me. They are this small band and they are not very well-known, and I just think it’s so cool that they can have all these fans come together,” Metherd said.

Metherd further reflects on the night, stating, “I didn’t think anyone knew who they were, and it’s so cool that underdogs in music have all these fans come together, and everyone knows every word. I think that night was a very big night in my life that I am going to think about all the time. [It was] super inspiring.”

With a smile, Metherd explains how she learned more about herself by going to her favorite concert.

“My favorite concert would definitely have to be the Vampire Weekend concert, probably just because it’s one of my favorite bands, but also I think the experience was really special. I wasn’t planning on going to it in the first place… I ended up really enjoying it,” Metherd said.

Metherd then expanded on why she enjoyed that specific concert so much.

“It kind of felt like the first time I was finally able to go somewhere alone as a teenager… It was a new experience that was really exciting for me. I felt really cool, and I think it just made me realize a lot about myself in that moment,” Metherd said.

As a young kid, you may not have an opportunity to go to a concert with just your friends, but Metherd thinks that going with friends is part of what makes concerts so enjoyable.

“When I am going with friends, normally they know the music better, and I enjoy myself better… if I am going with friends, I can go where it is louder,” Metherd said.

Metherd’s least favorite concert that she has been to was the Maroon 5 and Kelly Clarkson concert.

“I was younger and went with a group of people. I think it was just more so I went because everyone else liked the music, not because I did,” Metherd said.

Metherd has been to over 10 concerts, including One Direction, Vampire Weekend, Greta Van Fleet, Maroon 5 featuring Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour, Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour and Sam Hunt. She hopes to go to an Elton John concert in the future.