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Kassem Ossman

I decided to jump on the spooky ghost trend for this playlist cover!

Ever since I was a little freshman, I wanted to find the most indie, aesthetic type of music there was. If you knew me, you would know that along with the embarrassing instagram username I thought was genius, aesthetic_trash. I was on an adventure, and through years of studying and help from friends I have finally compiled the best artists and songs that get you feeling like you are in a coming of age movie that no one has ever seen — Call Me by Your Name (which is soo underground!)

So what is indie? Indie is independent artists who usually don’t belong to a major record company. This really is such a huge umbrella term but the aesthetic for it seems to be very much the same.

What are your top 5 songs off of this playlist?

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Indie music was really defined in the late 1970s with indie rock. While this was usually identified with rock, people gradually stretched the term to include every type of genre, making the music available for everyone to access and create!
Now to get to my top five favorite songs on this playlist. It was really hard to make this list because I love all of this music so much, but of course, there could only be five.

5. “Lover Rock” by TV Girl
We start the list off with a very nice track with some groovy beats. This repetitive yet fun song has a fun feel, the first time I listened to this I literally was feeling the scene being sung in this track. The catchy old-timey bridge always throws me in a loop, making me loop this euphoric track four or five times at least!

4. “Ophelia” by The Lumineers

Next is a song that I truly identify with, not only because this is my It-girl song, but because of the really folky feel that really gets your heart pumping with the drums and tambourines roaring. The imperfections in the lead singer Wesley Schultz’s voice are what really makes this song so strong, the imperfections in Schultz’s voice honesty show the emotions that are being pushed out making it such a masterpiece. This is such a must-have for any self-proclaimed indie fanatic!

3. “Green Eyes” by Erykah Badu

Green Eyes is such a whirlwind of emotions, kicking off with a very vinyl feel, the cracking and simplistic retro sound makes it feel so comfy. This song moves through so many feelings that twist and turn you with it being ten minutes long; it really is an adventure that I am so glad to go through every time.

2. “Valhalla” by Lauren Ruth Ward

A runner up for the number one has to be Valhalla, this song is indie feel 101. A woman pouring her heart out into something she loves and standing up to the misogyny that comes with creating music and getting bigger in the industry. All with killer drums, guitars and vocals to pour

1. “Heart of Glass” by Miley Cyrus

We all knew this was coming, I listened to this song probably 100 times and that’s not an exaggeration. Her voice fits perfectly with this indie punk cover from the original “Heart of Glass” by Blondie, both very good but just wow.

If you are feeling unmotivated to put these songs into your personal playlist I have the perfect solution. For people who listen to Spotify or Apple Music, this playlist is actually easily accessible for you guys! The link is right here for both Spotify and Apple Music!

What are your top 5 favorite songs from this playlist? Are they the same as mine? Submit your response down below to see how others feel!