Why winter break should be longer



As Christmas approaches, families begin to setup their Christmas trees.

Ten days, 240 hours, 14400 minutes, yet every year winter break feels like it flies by within the blink of an eye. I personally think winter break should be longer simply because students and staff both need that time for relaxation in between the school year.

We should get a whole month of winter break. The school year is 280 days long, which comes out to about 77% of the entire year. That is a lot of mental and physical strain on the students and staff. Is having one month off to recuperate and relax too much to ask for?

It’s freezing outside all the time and the school expects me to get up from my comfortable bed to go warm my car up just to go to a place I don’t even enjoy being in the first place? No thank you.

Ten days isn’t long enough to be even titled “winter break.” I can’t even successfully take a break from school in such little time like that — it’s absurd.

My brain requires a serious reset time after being at school from August to December. Does the school honestly expect us to appreciate this small amount of time off of school when we were literally just there for what feels like an eternity?

I enjoy my “me time” and I’m sure other students do as well. It is a proven fact that school is one of the top causes of stress among teens. It’s not like I’m asking for a month off of school for no reason.

Some may say that winter break is already long enough and doesn’t need an extension. Those people are clearly delusional because I’ve never met another human being who wouldn’t want more time off from work or school.

If being at home for a month is so boring for these people and they can’t find anything to do over the break then that’s their problem. I can name a bunch of things I could be doing over my break that requires a month off.

I am not by any means begging for the Winter break to be longer. I am simply saying that everyone would benefit from one and they should put it in practice effective immediately.