Top 10 coolest warriors from different countries


Photo By Drey McGrew

Roman soldiers clashing with opposing forces in this depiction of ancient warfare.

Throughout the ages, Countries have sieged wars on end against each other, pitting their nation’s strongest men and women to the task of fighting for their country. From swords clashing throughout the middle ages and honorable one-on-one showdowns in eastern Asia to modern rifle warfare and nuclear bombings. This list is going to show the coolest looking warriors from different warring time periods.

10. Coming in at number ten we have the gas mask soldier from world war two. The gas mask soldier is one of the most intimidating soldiers of all time, due to the extended nose like feature on the front and the gigantic goggle-like eyes, they look an aggressive version of the plague doctors.

9. At number nine we have the Native American war chiefs. The chiefs fought with spears and axes, their bodies were covered in paint and tattoos and they wore feathers atop their heads. The chiefs charged into battles on top of horses, they were truly one of the coolest warriors to exist.

8. At number eight we have the African soldiers led by King Mansa Musa, one of the most unique looking soldiers in history, with turbans and robes as their attire and spears and swords as their weapons, these were some of the fiercest soldiers in all of history.

7. At number seven we have the ancient Macedonian soldiers who were led by Alexander the Great. With light armor and full face helmets, the Macedonian soldiers were quick and agile warriors who also had a huge heavy cavalry, no wonder they were one of the most successful armies to ever walk the earth.

6. Coming in at number six we have the Ancient Persian “Immortals”. The immortals were the heavy infantry unit of the Persian army, coated in full armor and long dagger like weapons. A force to be reckoned with, the immortals performed the tasks as standing army and imperial guards.

5. For number five we have the Norse vikings. The vikings were a group of warriors from Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Wearing bull horned helmets and wearing armor with elts and wielding two handed axes, the vikings were a fearsome group who are known for their violent raids on early christian europe.

4. Coming in at number four we have the Ancient chinese soldiers. Armored from head to toe, the chinese soldiers were well equipped for warfare, with long spears and swords as their main weapon of choice for close combat, the chinese have very unique fighting styles and soldiers throughout their ancient dynasties.

3. For number three we have the Roman Centurion. Red and silver armor, the centurion was the leader of a centuria in the roman army. The centurion had a large shield and a short blade. The helmet worn is like a sideways mohawk which is one of the coolest features.

2. At number two we have the Spartan soldier of ancient Greece. Probably the most feared army in all of ancient Greece. Spartan men were trained since childhood to become warriors so by the time they were men they could fight off any opposing enemy. The spartan soldier is a combination of supreme genetics (due to the discarding of weak babies in ancient Sparta) and years of training, surviving and killing.

1.For number one we have the ancient Japanese samurai. The samurai wore full body armor and fought with katanas. Samurai were very honorable and had their own way of teaching it (bushido). The samurai had a high standing in the ancient Japanese society. Not only did you have to be skilled in close combat but you had to be a respectable role model for society.