Eli Reed prepares for upcoming promising track season


Photo Provided by Eli Reed

Eli Reed is getting set in his blocks before the race begins.

Q: What is one thing you want to accomplish this track season?

A: This season getting to state and placing high is at the top of my priority list. I’m even more ambitious about it since the opportunity was taken last year.

Q: What have you been doing to prepare for this upcoming season?

A: I’ve been working on my strength and conditioning and running at top speed with technique in the off-season, really focused on having smooth races and being efficient since I’m doing multiple events.

Q: Is this track season going to be different due to covid or is fairly normal?

A: Track should be mostly normal because at the end of the day you’re running and the goal is to have the fastest time.

Q: Is going into track from football and then back to football from track going to be a challenge?

A: Football and track conditioning are different but, in my position, similar enough to where I can train for both at the same time. The challenge is dropping my weight so I’m faster during track because I play football and run 10 pounds apart.

Q: What event are you looking forward to running the most this year?

A: The 4×2 is the event I’m looking forward to most this year because my relay — Me, Kenny Creamer, Rahshon Murff, and Patrick O’Neil — placed 2nd in the state last year with our indoor time so we’re looking to carry on the momentum.