DGS football: senior season has arrived


Photo By Drey McGrew

The DGS football teams season kicks off away against rival Hinsdale South at 5pm on March 26th.

Since the Winter of 2019, the DGS Senior football players have been preparing for their final season. Finally being given the opportunity to compete after their regular Fall season was canceled, the seniors can finally showcase what they’ve been working hard for from the offseason, summer camp, and spring practices.

Senior Rahshon Murff explains the feeling he has now that he finally has been granted a football season, “ Personally it’s a bittersweet feeling, we’re only guaranteed six games this season instead of nine. Some of us players missed out on opportunities for college with football and I feel this was unnecessary. All of the other states had Fall seasons and they’re all doing fine now so I feel we could’ve had a normal season. Other than that I am excited to have a senior season and I am excited to play, but it’s not the same” Murff said.

Senior Jaylen Welch and returning starter states how he feels about the football season, “ It’s been long overdue but I am excited to get back to the way we used to do things even if it is a little different,” Welch said.

Like Murff, Welch is a returning starter for the DGS football team, he shares what he is looking forward to about this upcoming season, “ I’m looking forward to getting that feeling of life before Covid-19, and I feel this football season is going to give me some of that feeling,” Welch said.

Senior Max Molinari shares what he’s looking forward to this upcoming season, “ I’m just glad that I’m going to be getting my senior season because for a while it wasn’t looking too good. Hopefully, even though we aren’t under normal circumstances this season can be one to remember.

The DGS football teams season kicks off away against rival Hinsdale South at 5 pm on March 26th.