From ‘Gossip Girl’ star to psychopathic stalker– Penn Badgley stars in new Netflix series ‘You’


Sam Perkins

The new series “You” is now a trending show on Netflix.

In the new Netflix thriller “You,” the audience delves into the horrific mind and life of a stalker to see how he thinks, acts and lives his daily life.

“You” follows the love story between two main characters, Beck and Joe. Beck is a writer who is financially struggling to get by in New York City, while Joe is a bookstore manager who had a rough childhood filled with abuse and neglect. Throughout the season, Joe’s obsession with Beck grows to the point that he would do anything in order to keep her in his life.

He does things that no one would think of doing in order to get close to the girl he is obsessed with.

A key factor that determines how enjoyable a show will be is how well the actors play their parts on-screen. Penn Badgley, who is a well-known actor for his role in “Gossip Girl,”  does a wonderful job playing out the role of a stalker. Badgley has that sinister look in his eyes and a disturbing smile that creeps through the screen.

If anyone else played the role of Joe, the show would not be as big of a hit as it is.

Within seconds of watching the pilot episode, I could already tell that I was going to be afraid because Badgley played his part so well. He made me want to lock my doors and close my windows to prevent people like him from spying on me.

From a cinematic point of view, “You” was a beautifully made show. By having the story told through the mind of a stalker, the series creates a realistic perspective that places the audience in the thoughts of people who really do think this way. It shows the reality of humanity and that not everyone has good intentions.

This point of view adds originality to the television series because most shows are not portrayed through the perspective of the antagonist.

“You” takes place in today’s modern society, which makes the show more relatable and thought-provoking because there are struggles that people face in today’s world included in the narrative. It includes situations where technology and social media has an impact on the bond between Beck and Joe, illustrating the negative impact that social media has on both relationships and individuals themselves. The show also addresses topics like alcohol and drug abuse, child abuse, neglect, romantic issues, divorce, financial problems and mental illnesses.

“You” is rated TV-MA due to language, sexual and violent content. The show is disturbing due to the idea of stalking and the things that the main character does throughout the story; however, the show itself isn’t “scary” in a graphic or horrific way and is extremely intriguing to watch for those who are interested in the plotline and the characters.

Netflix already announced that there will be a season two of “You” coming out, though the release date is unknown. I cannot wait for season two because season one ended in a completely different way than I thought it would. The cliffhanger was unexpected and left me wanting more.

“You” is definitely a must see and I recommend watching it, even if it is not your type of show.