Top Ten Tuesdays: Autumn Anthems


    Emmanuelle Copeland

    Spooky scary skeletons are singing this season.

    To help commemorate the spookiest of seasons, here is a soundtrack to welcome fall into full swing.

    1. “Into the Unknown” by Jack Jones

    There is a reason the show won an Emmy. Namely, the show is great at creating the chilly, lovely feeling of a folksy fall festival. Attention to mood seeps in all of the components of its soundtrack, which I encourage anyone to listen to.

    2. “Dead Man’s Party” by Oingo Boingo

    With a name like Oingo Boingo, you know they’re good. This song is proof of the high-energy vibes this group was known for. Think Monster Mash, but classier.

    3. Ghost Party by Watsky & Mody

    Talk of the fragility of the human form, existentialism and ghosts partying? Yes, please. This song manages to be full of punches to social issues while being witty and playful at the same time to round out some of its sharp edges.

    4. “Time is All Around” by Regina Spektor

    Here’s a simply sweet song with the whimsical, musical musings of Spektor herself.

    5. “Graveyard” by Feist

    In this song Feist sings pure poetry. The beat is steady and the levels of the instruments are all low, drawing attention to the singer and what she has to say.

    6. “Sun it Rises” by Fleet Foxes

    A precursor to their more popular song “White Winter Hymnal” on their album is this short, harvest ditty bringing the band’s folk influences to a more modern scene.

    7. Autumn Changes (Remixed) by Donna Summer

    The funk is real with this one. Summer serves and with the remastering, this upbeat groove is one to get anyone pumped up.

    8. “Small Hands” by Keaton Henson

    The shy, timid voice of the singer reminds me of the dry, delicate nature of fallen leaves as Henson sings of heart-breaking loss. Watch the music video and be sad with me, please.

    9. “Oh Girl You’re the Devil” by Mika

    This king of pop brings a mischievous edge, packaged perfectly and ready for Halloween shenanigans.

    10. “Crescent Noon” by the Carpenters

    To end this list, I had to bring in a classic. This song is hauntingly beautiful, capturing the majesty of the season.