Pennywise makeup: how to make “It” work


Kendall Brost, Online Entertainment Editor

Halloween is right around the corner, so why not try to jazz up your costume this year and add some eye-catching makeup to the mix? With the movie”It” being so popular, why don’t you try to spook your friends and family with a Pennywise makeup look?

Idea from:

Special makeup you need:

– Red liquid lipstick or regular red lipstick

– Red grease makeup

– Red cream makeup

– White pencil eyeliner


– The first thing you want to do is apply your foundation, concealer and do your eyebrows as you would on a normal day.

– Next, you want to prime your eyelids with an eyeshadow primer and then cover your lid with a light brown eyeshadow as a base. After this start by taking black eyeshadow and blending it all over your lid.

– Moving on to the most important part-the lips. You will start by lining where you want your clown lips to be with the white pencil eyeliner. You use the white so that in case you mess up or change your mind you can easily wipe it off with your finger and redo it.

– *Leave your actual lips normal until the end of the look*

– Once you are happy with the outline of your lips, you can now move onto filling them in with the red. First you will take a Q-Tip and go over the white outline with the red grease makeup.

– Now that the outline is complete you take the same Q-Tip with the red grease makeup and fill in the clown lips but leaving a center channel in the lip blank.

– For the blank channel in the middle of your clown lips you now take the red cream makeup with a Q-Tip and fill in the middle channel, making it have an ombré look.

– With your clown lips complete, you can now move onto your actual lips. Line your lips with a red lip liner and fill them in with the red liquid lipstick. (this step could be used with regular red lipstick as well)

– To make sure that your clown lips connect perfectly to your normal lips, take your red face grease makeup and fill any holes to connect them.

– Lastly add mascara to your lashes to complete the look.

Just like that you have made a normal Halloween costume into something fun and unique with some makeup. I hope you enjoyed this makeup look, and happy Halloween.