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The student news site of Downers Grove South High School


The student news site of Downers Grove South High School


Sugar Milk Cafe whips up success

Lauren Miranda
Sugar Milk Cafe offers a wide variety of drinks and pastries.

Sugar Milk Cafe, located on W Ogden Ave in Naperville, is a quaint yet vibrant restaurant that specializes in decadent drinks and well-priced breakfast and lunch food. Although this establishment is fairly new, having opened in 2021, it already boasts an extensive and creative menu.

The main draw for this restaurant is their extravagant drink selection. Ranging from flavored lattes garnished with foam art to Kit Kat frappes and eggnog macchiatos, these lavish and sugary drinks perfectly encapsulate the restaurant’s name.

The first drink I ordered was the Strawberry Milkshake ($7.99). The shake, topped with a 2-inch pile of whipped cream, pastel marshmallows, vanilla wafers and strawberry Pocky sticks, is exactly what I picture when I think of my ideal milkshake. Surprisingly, the actual shake itself wasn’t overly sweet, and the flavors swirled together to create the perfect balance of vanilla and strawberry additives.

The Oreo Frappe ($9.99) is one of the many specialty drinks offered at Sugar Milk Cafe. (Lauren Miranda)

The next drink I ordered was the Oreo Frappe ($9.99). This frozen coffee held a rich, chocolate flavor very similar to the one you taste when you bite into an actual Oreo cookie. Much like the strawberry milkshake, the drink was decorated with sweet toppings such as whipped cream, chocolate syrup and real Oreo cookies.

The final drink I ordered was the Vanilla Latte ($5.99). If you’re like me and don’t want to taste the traditional bitter undertones of coffee, then this latte is for you. The vanilla flavoring and sweet foam drizzled atop the coffee perfectly balanced the standard taste of coffee, and the antique mug the drink was served in gave the coffee a warm and cozy vibe.

For food I ordered the Breakfast Burrito ($11.99). The burrito was enormous, so large that I had to take half of it home for later. The spicy yet smooth dipping sauce for the burrito and side of potatoes added a tangy burst of flavor to an otherwise ordinary-tasting entree.

The overall look of the restaurant was very colorful and picturesque, as the establishment featured a lit-up coffee and crepe bar and a quirky Frida Kahlo wall covered in her famous paintings. The service was quick, and the staff was very friendly and pleasant to interact with. This restaurant is definitely a hidden gem in Naperville; with its instagrammable drinks and well-priced food, there is no reason not to check this place out.

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