Who is my dean and counselor?


Deans, counselors and student support offices are all located in the commons.

The Dean’s office is located off of the commons in room A103. All students are assigned a Dean based on their last name, and they stay with this Dean for the remainder of their time at DGS. Dean’s work with students when there are issues with peers, code of conduct, or attendance.

Dean Assignment:
A-DUR Deb Michael
DUS-LOP Bryan Heap
LOQ-RIC Sheldon Davis
RID-Z Angela Earwood

The Counselors office is also located off of the commons in room A103. The Counselors assist students with schedule planning, and their academic timeline, and assist with post-secondary learning. All students are assigned a counselor and their counselor is determined by last name and grade.

Class of 2026
A-BOE Kate Blader
BOF-DA Vel Vetri
DB-F Jenny Franz
G-HA Cory Rash
HB-K Nick Teetsov
L-MI Tim Christy
MJ-PAR Lavon Robinson
PAS-ROD Tiffany Rojszyk
ROE-TA Diana Benoist
TB-VA Adrienne Nolan
VB-Z Amy Klug

Class of 2025
A-BE Kate Blader
BH-C Vel Vetri
D-GAL Jenny Franz
GAM-KAM Cory Rasho
KAN-MAG Nick Teetsov
MAH-OL Tim Christy
OM-PER Lavon Robinson
PES-ROD Tiffany Rojszyk
ROF-SP Diana Benoist
SR-TRY Adrienne Nolan
TRO-Z Amy Klug

Class of 2024
A-B Kate Blader
C-DI Vel Vetri
DO-GRE Jenny Franz
GRI-JA Cory Rasho
JE-LO Nick Teetsov
LU-MI Tim Christy
MO-OH Lavon Robinson
OK-RA Tiffany Rojszyk
RE-SA Diana Benoist
SB-ST Adrienne Nolan
SU-Z Amy Klug

Class of 2023
A-BOR Kate Blader
BOS-CO Vel Vetri
CR-FO Jenny Franz
FR-HS Cory Rasho
HU-LA Nick Teetsov
LE-MOM Tim Christy
MON-N Lavon Robinson
O-RA Tiffany Rojszyk
RE-SP Diana Benoist
ST-TO Adrienne Nolan
TR-Z Amy Klug