Top 10 Halloween decorations


By Drey McGrew

“Like cobwebs, you can’t go wrong with decorating your front door and windows with stickers.”

Fall is a season that everyone can enjoy, not only are students returning to school from summer break, but there are fun holidays to look forward too. Halloween is one of those holidays, Halloween brings out people’s creativity with their decorations for the spook season. I’ve decided to make a list of the types of decorations people use on Halloween.

10. Cobwebs

Coming in at number 10 we have cobwebs or any kind of spider webs, these are one of the more basic decorations people use but it can still turn out to look very nice. You can hang cobwebs on bushes or trees or even on parts of your house and it will give your house a very spooky feeling on Halloween night. Sometimes simplicity is the way to go, that is how cobwebs should be viewed as a decoration.

9. Door & Window Stickers

At number 9 we have stickers, Halloween stickers can vary in sizes, for the sake of this list, I’ll be saying the stickers being used are full size. Like cobwebs, you can’t go wrong with decorating your front door and windows with stickers. With a wide variety of types of stickers, you can really bring out your creativity with stickers

8. Skeletons

At number 8 is skeletons. Skeletons are a very popular Halloween decoration, they can be placed anywhere on or around your house and they fit the scary theme of Halloween perfectly. Skeletons can be a very good decoration if used correctly.

7. Gravestones

At number 7 we have gravestones. Gravestones are a very unique design that not many people use, but when it’s used it looks really good. Gravestones can be placed on your front yard and possibly even mixed in with other decorations like skeleton bones and cobwebs to give an even more scary appeal.

6. Lights

At number 6 we have lights. Lights can also be good for any holiday decoration, for Halloween you can hang lights on your house, inside your windows, or even pair lights with other decorations. You can use lights to the extent of your imagination, that’s what makes lights a good choice for Halloween decorations.

5. Ghosts & Paranormal
Halfway through my list, at number 5 we have Ghostly and Paranormal themed decorations. If done correctly, ghost decorations can actually be very scary to see on Halloween night, that’s what makes them such a good decoration. For the scariest decorations, Ghosts and Paranormal probably take first place.

4. Decorations that have sound

At number 4 we have any decorations that make their own noise. This can be music or a scary sound effect. Having a visually appealing decoration topped off with its own sound is definitely one of the coolest things someone can have up as a decoration.

3. Pumpkins

At number 3 we have pumpkins, pumpkins are probably the most popular thing associated with Halloween, people go to pumpkin patches to pick out pumpkins for carving or for making pumpkin pie. Pumpkins are such a versatile decoration that can be used in many different ways, you can carve any symbols or faces on them, you can paint them different colors or you can even stuff them with lights so they can have a glowing effect.

2. Inflatable decorations

In the second place, we have any decoration that is inflatable. These decorations are always really cool and interesting, there are so many things that can be inflated and displayed in a front yard. The best part is that these can come in any size, you can have giant ones or smaller sized ones to fill up your yard, it’s completely up to you.

1.DIY decorations

Finally, for the first place, we have DIY decorations. Any decoration that you personally design or create yourself automatically makes it your best. Making your own decorations means you are using your creativity and imagination which is better than buying any premade decorations.