When Blackbear said “i feel 2 much,”…”i felt that”


Annie Le

Blackbear allows his audience to fully experience his breakup alongside him in this dynamic album.

On Aug. 21, Blackbear released his album “everything means nothing” after dropping several singles which left fans pining for more. While he made his first track a rerun of his upbeat 2019 summer hit “hot girl bummer,” don’t let the introduction fool you; you better believe his album was a rollercoaster of pain, resolution and pain all over again.

While Blackbear (unfortunately for him) is no stranger to heartbreak, the mood of this latest drop hugely contradicts the moods of the album most previous, highlighting the different emotions he went through during a breakup with, just by taking a listen to the songs, what must have been a very special girl.

He starts off with his bright and confident sounding single “hot girl bummer,” setting the mood for a simultaneously hype and coolheaded atmosphere. The song begins with its light and fairly fast-paced chorus which slowly calms down into a smoother sound as Blackbear enters into his verses.

Characteristically, what can only be described as his signature run-on singing makes a prominent appearance throughout not only “hot girl bummer,” but also in his track “i feel bad” which takes after a much different mood.

The extraordinary feat that Blackbear was able to accomplish in this album was effectively mirroring into his music the mood swings he went through throughout the breakup he writes about. This is specifically shown in “i feel bad” in which he utilizes synth to distort his voice in synchrony with his inner conflict.

But he does it once again with his amazing ability to depict his mood swings as he moves right into what may be one of the most relatable songs to date, “i feel 2 much.” Where “i feel bad” brought to life a high conflict energy with self, “i feel 2 much” starts much slower and includes much more singing, giving you plenty of time to reflect on the crumbling state of your own love life at the same time as he reflects on his.

“I don’t wanna speak, don’t call/ I don’t wanna feel too much/ I don’t wanna feel at all, feel at all”

In music with such emotion, you can almost feel as though you and Blackbear are going through the breakup stages of grief together. First through the flippant disregard of “hot girl bummer,” then through the heartbreak so painful it almost physically feels like you’re falling apart with him in “i feel 2 much.” But don’t fret, because Blackbear didn’t leave out a single part of this breakup.

In the last song of the album “smile again,” Blackbear allows his audience on his journey of forgiveness and moving on. In this acoustic track, Blackbear sings to a simple background of a strumming guitar as he reminisces on his relationship. While it sounds like the girl he writes about really did him in, his light singing and falsetto recognizes his healing soul.

At heart, Blackbear brings his listeners on a journey with him through the ups and downs of his breakup, letting them in on both the wild bouts of frustration and the pitfalls into despair. This album is a symphony of not only different song types, but also of the full range of human emotion.