Spirit Week preview


Marjorie Lichner

Some of the fun themes for the upcoming Spirit Week.

Spirit Week is right around the corner, and preparations for the winter dance are underway. Students and teachers are working hard on spirit days and the winter assembly.

Jennifer Martinez is organizing this year’s spirit week. She talked about what she has done to prepare for the festivities.

“A lot has been done to be prepared for spirit week. Primarily, spirit week is handled by ACE, which is our Athletes Committed to Excellence. I work with our three sponsors, Mr. Stapleton, Mr. Molinari, Ms. Hoel and the students from ACE to work and create those exciting contests and all the fun that is going to happen during that day and week,” Martinez said.

Mia Cassin is a freshman here at DGS. This will be her first winter dance. She talked about that to which she is looking

“I am mostly just excited to spend time with friends and not be afraid to be myself and just have so much fun,” Cassin said.

Senior Julian Perez will not be going to the winter dance, but he is very excited for spirit week. He spoke about why he enjoys spirit week and what it has to offer.

“I am excited to see all the cool things that people wear and how expressive all the students will be towards their school. [Plus,] just how much spirit they will have,” Perez said.

Martinez also talked about what should be expected about the games at the winter assembly this year.

“I have a meeting to handle some of those final touches, but I think what we can expect [are] tons of fun, a lot of involvement and just a lot of Mustang spirit. It’s always just an opportunity for us to be together and just celebrate that Mustang pride. The games are different, fun, unique. … I am really excited about one because we have never ever done it before, so I’m excited about that. … It’s going to be fun,” Martinez said.

The winter dance will be held Saturday, Feb. 15, in the large gym. Tickets are $30 at the door.