Best candy canes based on your sign


Marjorie Lichner

Candy canes are a must have for this holiday season.

Sagittarius — Pixy Stix is by far the best candy cane for you. The sweet, sugary goodness is all you need for the cold winter months.

Capricorn — Those big candy canes are too much for you to handle. Try some mini candy canes or even small peppermints to stay festive.

Aquarius — Jelly Belly candy canes. A tutti-fruitti candy cane is just what you need to keep the spirit alive.

Pisces — Go splurge on some Hawaiian Punch candy canes. As obscure as they may sound, you will love their fruity taste.

Aries — Your favorite candy is Starbursts, so why not try some Starbursts candy canes! These mouthwatering flavors will definitely bring you holiday cheer.

Taurus — Candy canes are not really your style. If anything, you would prefer some hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Gemini — Even though your birthday is nowhere near December, it is the perfect time to munch on those birthday cake candy canes. Maybe you will reminisce about the summer months.

Cancer — Anything minty is really your thing, but everything is better with chocolate. Go ahead and treat yourself with some chocolate mint candy canes.

Leo — You are bold when it comes to candy canes. Trying crazy candy cane flavors is what you will be doing over winter break. From chili pepper to bacon, you will try almost any flavor of candy canes.

Virgo — Sour candy is more your speed when it comes to sweets. Have some WarHeads candy canes to keep the festivities going.

Libra — You like the classics, and an original peppermint candy cane is all you need to enjoy the holiday season.

Scorpio — Three words. Cherry. Candy. Canes. Enough said.