Why trick or treating is fun


Drey McGrew

Houses already beginning to set up their Halloween decorations.

Trick or treating is a big part of Halloween, so if you are going to tell me I can’t trick-or-treat because I’m too old than we are going to have a problem. 

I know that trick-or-treating is mainly targeted towards little kids, and it is childish for me to dress as Spiderman, parading up and down neighborhoods, grabbing candy from baskets and sprinting to the next house — but who cares?

Anyone should be allowed to participate in the trick-or-treating experience no matter how old they are.

Imagine being able to go to anybody’s house in the world, knock on their door and get free candy. This is literally the only day where you can do that, yet some people have the audacity to tell me I can’t.

Some may argue that once you become a teenager, you are too old to trick-or-treat. They say that trick-or-treating is for children, and it’s embarrassing for us to dress up and get candy alongside little kids.

This is completely false. I do not find it embarrassing to dress up and trick-or-treat, and I believe it could be inspiring to the little kids to see their older peers enjoying themselves.

As long as you aren’t ruining the experience for other people or causing havoc while you are out getting candy, then there is absolutely no reason for you to not be able to trick-or-treat.

Trick-or-treating is beneficial to teenagers’ social lives.

If you typically don’t get outside the house, then trick-or-treating is perfect for you.

Even if you don’t like going outside, on Halloween you can dress up as whatever you want without anyone knowing it’s you and go get free candy.

It’s not even like the children are going to get to every house. Plus, teenagers like candy too. The kids shouldn’t get all the treats to themselves, there is enough for everyone.

We might as well do them a favor and help them with all that free candy ready for the taking.

Trick-or-treating has no age limit, I’ve been trick-or-treating on Halloween for as long as I can remember, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.