Thoughtless football themes


Ashley Boak

The theme for the first game of the 2019 season was neon, however it was not bright enough theme for the home opener.

Football Friday is a night of music, football, family and friends. Going to the game is a different experience for almost everyone, but there is one thing we all have in common. 

A theme for the game.

Now some themes are super exciting to follow, like having 80’s or a USA theme. However, each year our themes get even more dull. 

Every year instead of doing something unique, our school throws out a last minute idea. It got so bad last year that our seniors made their own themes to follow, escalating the problem when our school showed up wearing two very different attires. 

Not everyone will like a theme idea, but we have failed in coming up with anything new or creative that makes the game exciting to go to. Our themes are just shuffled every single year. 

I have seen the same rotation of themes in my high school career. Hawaiian, whiteout and camouflage themes are what almost every football season has to offer. It’s very difficult to show school spirit when we are just repeating the same themes over and over again.

People would have more school spirit if they had more interesting themes to follow. Throwing on a black shirt and calling it a ‘blackout’ just shows how lazy and unoriginal we really are. 

I understand that some people may enjoy themes like camouflage and Hawaiian theme; however, not everyone has a lei or a full outfit of camouflage lying around. People who don’t have clothes for the theme end up calling local stores to see if they could purchase something that will work. This becomes an issue as not everyone has enough money to spend.

Having more unique themes would increase game morale and make them more exciting to attend. Newer themes make the game more fun, and people would be more likely to attend if they enjoyed the theme. 

Please work on the themes for our football games. Spirit nights like 2000’s and Christmas in September would be way better. It would be better for the community and the morale of DGS for many years to come.