Horoscopes 12/5: which senior superlative are you?


Rhaya Truman

The senior only section in the yearbook.

Aries – Best dressed. You come to school every single day dressed to impress. You enjoy putting out your clothes out the night before and waking up to run out of the door ready for the immense amount of compliments you are going to receive later on that day.

Taurus – Biggest heart. You care about everyone you meet, even the people that are mean to you. You are always giving people a helping hand, sending notes and being the teachers pet. You always want to help people with their homework and encourage your classmates to study hard for the next test coming up because you truly care.

Gemini – Most talkative. You love to talk to any and everyone and sharing your ideas with them even if they don’t want to listen. You are a sucker for a good conversation and the teacher always has to yell at you to stop talking because you are so excited to tell the person next to you that you had Chipotle the night before for dinner.  

Cancer – Best smile. You light up every room you walk into with your smile. If someone is having a bad day, all you have to do is smile and it makes them want to smile right a long side of you. Your pearly whites have the power to turn someone’s day around no matter the circumstances.

Leo – Best shoe game. Every saturday, you are out in the market going to get the latest cool and stylish shoes. You enjoy matching your shoes with every outfit you have and you believe it is essential to keep your shoes clean in order to have a life of good luck. If someone steps on your shoes, they better hope you didn’t notice.

Virgo – Most likely to start a revolution. You are an active advocate in our school and you encourage others to do the exact same. You have your own opinions and you aim to allow others to feel that their voices matter too. You are very passionate and that shows with how you carry yourself and encourage others to be just as proactive and confident.

Scorpio – Most likely to be president. You love talking about current issues because you care about society and the areas in which it needs to be improved. You believe it is important for citizens to be involved in their school and encourage everyone to ben in a sport or activity.

Sagittarius – Biggest glow up. Freshman year wasn’t exactly the best year for you. You are a late bloomer and your amazing good looks did not start growing until the middle of your high school career. But now that it is senior year, you have reached your full potential and continue to thrive in your new image.

Capricorn – Most likely to travel the world. You love learning about new cultures and exploring different traditions. You believe experience is one of the most valuable sources of knowledge you can have. For you, the experiences you have in life shape how you interact with others.

Aquarius – Best snapchatter. Whenever something crazy happens, you are quick to pull out your phone and record everything that is going on. You have the most streaks and you enjoy sending people weird memes through airdrop during lunch. You never get off of your phone and your device is the main reason for your developing senioritis.

Pisces – Class clown. Your goal when you come into school every day is to make people laugh. You love making people smile and showing them a good time. When people look back on their high school career, they will remember you for all of the dumb but also fun things you do in your time of high school.