The greatest top 10 Tuesday of all top 10 tuesdays


Will Miller, Social Media Savage

  1. Water Brands

One of the greatest top 10s. This top 10 stirred up debate after a few controversial water selections. The comments I received were hilarious, nonetheless.

2.  Numbers

Marc really shook things up with a few spotty choices of numbers. He decided to include an imaginary number which all students know, but few understand. Is it truly a number?

  1. Top 10 urgent vaccines Juniors need to get before the start of their senior year

Elizabeth hit home to juniors with this PSA. If the juniors didn’t hear it on the announcements for the last 4 months, they can still check out at:

Top 10 urgent vaccines Juniors need to get before the start of their Senior year

  1. Top 10 Watchmojo Top 10s lists.

Watchmojo is the OG top 10 artist. We owed it to them to rank their top 10s. It’s almost like Inception — this top 10 will blow your mind.

6. Top ten words I use excessively but don’t know the meaning of

This top 10 really hits home due to the fact of my extraordinary vocabulary. These words are apart of my every day, but I truly do not know the meanings. Thanks Jonah, now I do.

Top ten Tuesday: words I use excessively but don’t know the meaning of

  1. Top 10 Best Chance the Rapper songs

Chance is undoubtedly one of the most well-known rappers of our time. Sydney gives us the best songs to jam out to when your in a Chance mood. These 10 songs will bring you nothing but joy.

  1. Top 10 students at homecoming

This was my first top 10 and without this as number 8, I don’t think it would be complete.

This debut was one to reflect on due to my accomplishments throughout the year. This top 10 was the start to my professional journalism career.

Top 10 types of students at homecoming

  1. Top 10 Black Mirror Episodes

Black Mirror is an abnormal show due to the fact of the plot changing every episode. This being said, some episodes could be better than others. Vince paints this picture clear so us fans can pick and choose the good episodes rather than waste our time with the bad.

  1. Emojis

I hate emojis. Everything about them is wack. I have to give appreciation to this top 10 though because it was just a perfect description. The rankings are okay but the commentary makes it.