Top 10 types of students at homecoming


Will Miller, Social Media Director

Homecoming is always a fun time for DGS students, some more than others. Here are 10 stereotypical students you see at school dances:

  1. The sweaty kid

Nothing is more gross than those select kids that look like they took a trip to the pool before the dance. We get it, everyone sweats but when you are dripping that’s when you need to call it quits.

2. The dancer

This past homecoming the disc jockeys allowed select kids to dance up on stage. There’s always one overconfident kid that thinks he is busting it down but in reality, becomes overhyped.

3. The groups

It’s always fun to dance with friends but sometimes the circle gets too big. You then leave all the kids around you stepping on their feet which is not fun. Next time you take over the dance floor think about the kids around you.

4. The non-dancers

Why go to a dance if you just hang out and watch the movie in the small gym? You are killing the fun.

5. The pushers

At Dances, it gets very crowded. This type of kid completely is ignorant to the fact of a couple hundred kids in the way and decides to push everyone to the stage. Not cool.

6. The cool kid

These types of students feel that they are too cool for the dances, but in reality everyone has fun besides you sitting at home wishing you had plans.

7. The couples that go too far

There’s always that one couple that dances too provocatively. Nobody wants to see that.

8. The screamers

Everyone is guilty of this one. These kids don’t know all the lyrics but know the chorus by heart. They sing as loud as they can and then try to recover when the verse comes on.

9. Tie heads

Sometimes it gets hot in the gym and you don’t want to be that sweaty kid, so kids take it upon themselves to unbutton their shirt and put their tie around their forehead. I get the unbuttoning but you just look goofy with your tie hitting you in the face.

10. The fashion killers

Normally fashion killer is used in a positive way, but kids take fashion the wrong way. Guys resort to the black on black dress clothes their mom picked out for them. Then they decide to make a statement with suspenders and a belt too. You may feel trendy but you aren’t.