Post Malone’s new album is like a treat in a candy shop


Rhaya Truman

“beerbongs and bentleys” is Post Malone’s second studio album.

On April 27, Post Malone dropped his long awaited second studio album. Titled “beerbongs & bentleys,” it is no surprise that Malone truly took his time to create an album he loved and thought would correctly represent him as an artist. I can totally relate — I love it just as much as he does.

After releasing his first platinum studio album “Stoney” in 2016, Malone has been at the forefront of the pop industry. For many reasons, he has become someone that people adore. Take his personality, unique looks and his deep admiration for music and you have an artist everyone can love.

After such a hit album like “Stoney,” there is no denying the pressure Malone must have been under to put something out that would meet people’s expectations and also his own.  When seeing an artist take so much time to perfect a project, it gets you even more excited to hear it. When finally getting the opportunity to listen to the album, I was hanging off the edge of my seat.

Before the album came out, Malone released some singles to provide hype for the album. “Candy Paint” is a very unique song and makes you think of a hip hop ice cream shop. The chimes accompanying the song certainly add a childish vibe, but the beat is more mature, creating a very unique and enchanting sound.

“Psycho,” another pre-released single, impressed me tremendously. While “rockstar” sounded more like the songs on the radio, this song was nothing like that. There is depth to this songs and it is a lot softer than what a known to be rap artist would release.

Malone is a big believer in the idea that you should do what you want with your art and make it your own. Because of this, I was excited to listen to what he came up with and how he aimed to display who he is with this important album. I knew he would deliver, but there are some components of this album that make it a stand-out production.

One thing Malone executed favorably in this album is the lyrical compensation. He is known for his relatability and how he can find multiple ways to connect to his audience but listening to the album more and more, each time you get even more impressed with the stories within his songs and the pictures he paints.

When listening to his music, especially songs like “Otherside,” you are able to be thrown into his world and fully taken in what he is saying. With lyrics like ‘You’re my alibi and motive when I’m lyin to myself of the ugly truth,’ you can fully appreciate Malone’s artistry. He does not only speak about the music, but he speaks with the music.

Malone is known for his vibe and how he can constantly contain that image throughout every one of his songs. Even with features like “Spoil My Night” ft. Swae Lee and “Psycho” ft Ty Dolla $ign, he is able to maintain his unique sound while still incorporating things from the featured artist’s sound.

One extra bonus is the amount of songs on the album. There is a total of 18 songs, matching his last album with the same amount of tracks. Malone took two years to release his second album, but because of the amount of content, it makes a lot of sense. He would have rather taken time to make one great thing than release a bunch of small projects.

When talking about the songs individually, the only song that underwhelmed me was “Ball For Me” ft. Nicki Minaj. It is not my type of song, but if you like Nicki Minaj, you will definitely like this song. Personally, I am not a big fan of hers, but that is a personal opinion.

My favorite tracks include “Stay,” “Over Now,” and “Better Now.” I feel that these songs have his basic sound that made me enjoy his music in the first place. I was never a huge Malone fan, but after this album, I can see him growing into an artist I can appreciate and enjoy on the daily.

The only con of this album is a small one. Malone does have a distinct sound and it shines through immensely, so at times some songs can start to sound the same in beats and production. Although this does not take away from the album as a whole, I would like to see Malone take on more creativity.

Malone definitely did not disappoint with this follow up album. He has been able to grow from such a small underground artist into an artist that leaves everyone wanting more and more. His next album will be intensely anticipated and even if it’s two years from now, I will definitely be ready to take a few listens.