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The student news site of Downers Grove South High School


The student news site of Downers Grove South High School


The chicken wing triad: Which is best?

Vanja Bogdanovic
Buffalo Wild Wings, WingStop and Hooters serve a selection of of chicken wings that differ in flavor.

It is a Friday night, and you and your friends want to go out for dinner, but no one can agree on what to eat. You have decided on chicken wings, but the only problem is: what restaurant will you visit?

Over the past week, I have visited three of the most popular chain restaurants known for their chicken wings. I visited WingStop, Hooters and Buffalo Wild Wings, and I’ve rated each restaurant on the overall food, service and decor to finally declare the go-to restaurant for wings. To keep everything consistent, I ordered buffalo sauce, or the restaurant equivalent, at every restaurant.

To begin, I visited WingStop on Lemont Road and ordered the eight-piece boneless combo with their original hot sauce. The combo included ranch, a drink and fries for only $13.13.

When I opened the container for the first time, I was surprised to see the chicken drowning in sauce. The sauce had the perfect amount of heat and was even a bit acidic, and when dipped in the ranch, it not only elevated the flavor but also gave a cooling effect. Though the sauce was delicious, the breading on the chicken became soggy.

The fries had the signature seasoning on them and had an exceptional balance of both sweetness and saltiness. The only critique is the fries were very floppy, and there was no crunch, so if you were to go to WingStop, I would get the fries well done.

Next, I visited the Hooters on Butterfield Road and ordered the Go Boneless Combo with 10 chicken pieces in their hot sauce and fries. You have to order the ranch and drink separately, so the total came out to $18.47.

The sauce on the chicken was nothing special. The sauce had an adequate amount of flavor and a tolerable amount of heat, but after time passed, you could see the sauce base and the heaps of grease in the sauce started to separate.

On the other hand, the chicken by itself was the best chicken from all three restaurants. Although the portion size was smaller and the breading was a bit soggy, the chicken was juicy and soft.

The fries were a different story. The curly fries with the combo, though creative, had no salt and only tasted like something once you added their seasoning salt. The fly surrounding me and my family the entire time at dinner only made the food less appetizing.

Finally, I went to the Buffalo Wild Wings on Route 53 and ordered the 10-piece boneless wings with original buffalo sauce, and the order came with ranch. I ordered the side of fries and drink separately, and the total came out to $18.97, surpassing Hooters by $0.20, making it the most expensive restaurant.

The sauce from Buffalo Wild Wings was by far the best. It was hot, tangy, and had a smoky flavor. I only wish there was more sauce because some pieces were halfway covered. The chicken was a bit dry, but the breading was less mushy than the other restaurants and had a bit of a crunch.

The fries were also very satisfactory. They were slightly crispy and had salt, but I had to add more.

The staff inside WingStop was accommodating. They read my order back to me to ensure I had everything I wanted. My waitress at Hooters was also lovely but could have been more attentive to the table. I do not blame her, though, because the restaurant was packed.

At Buffalo Wild Wings, my waitress was outstanding. She was super sweet, attentive and patient with me and my friends since we stayed at the restaurant for a while after finishing our food. She also split the check for us before we even asked; it was fantastic customer service.

Inside WingStop and Buffalo Wild Wings, the decor was simple and had aspects that complemented each restaurant well. Both restaurants were decked out in their signature colors, green for Wing Stop and yellow and black for Buffalo Wild Wings, and had posters of their food covering the walls.

The vibe inside Hooters differed from the other two restaurants- the wood-paneled walls had framed photos of people having fun over the summer, string lights were across every window and there was even a shop for merchandise. The restaurant also had large TVs playing different types of sports everywhere.

Ultimately, Buffalo Wild Wings will be the best restaurant for wings if you are okay with paying almost $20 for chicken wings and fries. The sauce’s flavor and the customer service make this restaurant worth a visit. If you prefer a cheaper option, WingStop would be the second-best restaurant.

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  • J

    JamesFeb 10, 2024 at 4:24 am

    Boneless is not wings. Visiting 3 national chains doesn’t tell anyone where good wings are.