Senior year: A year to always remember


Isabella Shin

Throughout my high school years I have grown closer to people in ways I never would have expected and made memories that I will forever cherish.

Browsing through the yearbooks from freshman, sophomore and junior year reminded me not only of the people of my high school experience, but the moments in between that create a story. After leaving the doors of DGS, nothing is promised or decided. It’s the first time we’ve been asked to make choices that aren’t for the little parts of our lives, but of our entire lives.

We begin our goodbyes to activities, places and to people; never a final goodbye, but a see-you-later kind. You’ll begin to look back at your time at high school as a memory.

As we are just six months away from the start of a journey that will continue to live on, I want you to remember a few things. Enjoy your final time here at DGS. Whatever that means to you, go and enjoy the things you love to create memories and lessons of growth you will begin to love even more.

During my time in high school, I’ve learned to be strong; to find inner strength in times of adversity and to not only be my only advocate, but to allow others to help me along the way.

I’ve also learned what real friendship feels like, to have people who no matter what, will always stand by my side.

Sitting on the cold metal benches, the rain fell, soaking up onto my clothes and down my skin. The air was cold and yet I’d never felt warmer, huddled up by two of the most important people to me. By joining the track team, I gained people that have grown to feel like family, and a memory that will forever feel like home.

I’ve also learned through high school how to be authentically me, to not be afraid of who I am and to make choices that I’ve always wished I would have the bravery to make.

I’ve had teachers encourage me to pursue my desire for a career in writing, whatever that may entail for me in the future. I’ve gained a sense of courage to embrace my passions. I am no longer afraid to showcase what I love anymore.

These past four years have shown me that life can be so much more meaningful when you let it. Choosing to cherish each of these moments is what allows me to look back and smile. So, seniors, try not to grow up too fast; but instead, embrace what you have now; the future can wait.

In the words of Tess Johnson, the girls Track and Field coach,

Last one, best one”

— Tess Johnson