Jason Derulo will never forget his name

Top 10 Jason Derulo songs ranked solely on the way he sings his own name.

Faith Nelson

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Casey Muzykansky

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You’ll know it’s a Jason Derulo song but not by the melody or the beat.

You’ve heard him on the radio, you’ve heard him at a party and you’ve definitely heard him at a school dance. When his song comes on, you’ll instantly know it’s his because Singer Jason Derulo has made an image and quite frankly, a meme of himself through his audible signature. Sometimes this simple melody can set the tone for the entire song so we ranked his work accordingly.

#10: “Talk Dirty to Me”

Many would argue that this doesn’t even belong on the list, considering Derulo fails to say his own name. Instead, he has a random model who appears in the video to do it for him. Come on man, you’re not too cool to say your own name. Humble yourself.

#9: “Acapulco”

Just like number 10 this one is a little more unique, with Derulo not singing his name, but saying it. He does not say his name in the song, but only in the beginning of the music video. He seems so proud of himself, looking around at his peers to see if they’re impressed; Jason you have tens of millions of monthly listeners, of course they’re impressed.

#8: “Take You Dancing”

This one is slightly overwhelming, there’s too much going on at once. The skat singer’s voice is gorgeous but does not blend well with Derulo’s name. Along with the beat, I was distracted and couldn’t even hear his name being said the first time I listened to the song.

#7: “In My Head”

An all around bland way Derulo says his name. The scene in the music video is dull, with a full frame of Derulo’s face and a completely white screen behind him.

#6: “Cono”

Autotune has entered the room. In this one, I wouldn’t be surprised if all he had to do was speak his name in order to create a sound like that after all of the computer editing.

#5: “Savage Love”

My ears are finally happy! Every note is perfect in this snippet of the song, although I’m not the biggest fan of the rest of it. There are not flat or sharp notes and everything blends together extremely well.

#4: “Don’t Wanna Go Home”

While it may take a solid 40 seconds to get to the awaited melody, it is worth the wait. In this song, Derulo sampled the 90’s hip hop hit “Rhythm Is a Dancer” by Snap!– an easily recognizable and beloved tune.

#3: “The Sky’s the Limit”

At first I wanted to put this song much higher up on the list because I found it boring and uninspiring. But once I heard the song more than once, I found myself enjoying it and singing Derulo’s name the same way he did.

#2: “Love Not War”

Coming in at number two is a one of a kind melody. The airy and angelic tune is enough to bring someone to tears. Love not war is right.

#1: “Whatcha Say”

Even if you claim to have never heard any of Derulo’s songs, I guarantee you’ve heard the harmonious chords of this song paired with the infamous “Jason Derulo” introduction. The beauty in the voices in harmony backing Derulo make this a solid number one.