Mom friends: We make the world go round

Anika Brown

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Anika Brown

Even though you may not notice it, mom friends make the world go round.

Imagine you’re at the mall with your closest friends and you have no one who is willing to hold your coat. Most people’s reaction would be “no way,” but have no fear, the mom friend is here.

We all have the wild friend or the shy one, but the most looked over friend is the mom friend. Being the mom of the group means that you’re the so-called mature, wise one who will always be down to hold your phone or keys– usually the only one who carries a purse.

I’m the mom of the friend group. For those who aren’t aware, I’m the one who carries chapstick, a water bottle and an extra sweater. Some of you may be the mom friend and know exactly what I’m talking about, but simply think of the phrase “mom friend.”

If anything that needs to be taken care of, I’ve got it handled. We have to have tickets for the movie, I’ve got it. Reservations for dinner, let me grab my phone.

The most important thing us moms do is keep everyone in line. That means we deal with breakups, arguments– basically anything you can think of. We are the built in therapists of our friendships

Most likely, we’ll have little to no drama in our lives, so we’ll have open ears for whatever drama others have and try to give the best advice we can.

The downside to being a part of this role is that I’m not seen to be the “fun” one. I’m supposed to be a far-too-mature teenager who has common sense. However, occasionally I do want to let loose and reach my inner teenage wild side without getting odd looks by my friends.

Negatives aside, I absolutely love being the mom friend. It means people trust me with advice and confidence to share their problems with me. It always makes me feel good when my friends can trust me to give good advice and allow me to always be the best mom friend I can be.