Homecoming variety show takes a new form


Teagan Smith

The new DGS stadium is bigger and sturdier than before, now equipped with wheelchair accessible ramps. The athlete’s new squad rooms for home and away teams, along with a bathroom and small locker room for game officials, are underneath the bleachers.

Homecoming is taking on several unique twists this year, including the new form of the homecoming assembly and talent show. Instead of two separate events, the two traditions will combine to form the new homecoming rally.

The rally, taking place on Friday Sept. 24, will eliminate the traditional homecoming variety show. Students who auditioned this year will perform for the entire school on the football field rather than in the auditorium like past years at DGS.

Last year, students pre-recorded their talents outdoors to be formatted into a livestream version of the show. Director of Student Activities Jennifer Martinez made the decision to not continue the livestream concept, combining and changing the format of the two homecoming week traditions instead.

“…This year as we were planning homecoming… the only, I feel, big restriction for us, is that we have to wear our masks. So then we had to take a look at the scope of the whole week and look at everything we’re doing and determine how we could move forward to plan events that would include the largest number of students that would make the most meaningful experience,” Martinez said.

The homecoming variety show traditionally took place on two separate nights in the auditorium and featured a variety of students who auditioned to perform their special talents. This year, the audition process became more selective due to time constraints and the new format.

“This year we had less spaces, obviously, to include the students who auditioned for the rally because it’s not as long of a show… of course we want to include as many people [as possible] and I hope we’ll be able to move forward with our other talent shows this year… I hope we can bring the show back in full force next year,” Martinez said.

Senior Emily Castaneda, who auditioned and made the show, shared her experience and opinions on the new format.

“I’m excited because it’s going to be out in the stadium. I think it’ll be cool, something different. I’ve always wanted to be in the actual pep rally,” Castaneda said. “In a way it is a competition because now you really have to try your hardest… it’s definitely a lot more pressure,”

Both students and staff have had their concerns about tradition; this is the second year in a row where the Homecoming talent show has been altered in some way. Before that, the show had been a yearly tradition even before Martinez joined the school faculty.

“I’m just excited to do it. I don’t really care about tradition. It’s not something I’m dwelling on.” Casteneda said.

Students and staff can catch the rally Friday at 2 p.m. during 8th period of the shortened schedule. Friday is predicted to be partly sunny with highs in the upper 70’s, ready for the variety of student acts and performances.