This year’s fall menu at Starbucks: Hits, misses and honorable mentions


Faith Nelson recommends the pumpkin scone but deems the pumpkin Frappuccino a hard pass.

It is now September, which kicks off my favorite time of the year. As a self proclaimed fall flavor connoisseur, the second the fall line drops, you can find me with a pumpkin spice latte in hand even if the temperature is up in the 90s. This year, the menu features nine fall favorites composed of six drinks and three bakery items.

Here are my hits, misses and honorable mentions.

While I do enjoy the classic pumpkin spice, I was pleasantly surprised with the new iced apple crisp macchiato. This classic drink has been taken to the next level with layered flavors of apple and brown sugar paired with espresso, milk and their spiced caramel apple drizzle. Apples and coffee did make me raise an eyebrow, but the autumn spice pleasantly complemented the bitter espresso and made for a fabulous fall flavor.

Apple crisp may have been a hit, but the pumpkin spice Frappuccino surprised me as a miss. This traditional fall flavored drink blended with coffee, milk and ice didn’t quite give me my fall fix. The pumpkin essence was deeply hidden by the overpowering coffee flavor, and it was not quite as harmonious as the apple coffee dynamic in the macchiato.

Starbucks did redeem themselves, however, with this honorable mention: the pumpkin cream cold brew. The pumpkin flavor was much more present in this drink and did balance out the taste of the cold brew quite well. I enjoyed the fluffy consistency of the pumpkin cream packed with spiced fall flavor.

Not only did the signature fall beverages fill my flavor kick, but the pumpkin scone was an explosion of autumn in every bite. This limited time bakery item had just the right amount of crumble and was jam-packed with fall spices, which made for a delightful experience.

Unsurprisingly, I was very pleased with this year’s fall menu at Starbucks. There were some misses like the pumpkin spice Frappuccino but the delicious pumpkin scone made up for it. Just like all good things, this menu won’t be around for long, so make sure you go out and get your fall fix while you still can.

Which Starbucks fall item is your favorite?


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