Top 10 reasons people have for not getting the COVID-19 vaccine (and why they’re dumb)


Luc Alvarez

Now that science has done its part in creating multiple effective vaccines, the main thing standing in COVID-19’s way are people’s choices of whether or not to get vaccinated.

With vaccines recently becoming available to all Illinois residents over the age of 16, conversations regarding vaccines, their efficacy and whether you should get them have been taking place all over the state. Many have come away from these conversations saying they won’t be getting vaccinated.

Here are the top 10 reasons they give and why they’re dumb.

10. Religious exemption

This is perhaps the most excusable reason as it has precedent with other vaccines also being passed up on for religious reasons. However, I personally would take issue with a religion that preaches a strict adherence to dogma over protecting the lives of others — but maybe that’s just me.

9. I can’t get to an appointment

Again, this reason has some legitimacy to it, however, new vaccine slots and sites are opening up across the site every day. Giving up on finding one because it’s too hard shouldn’t be a reason for not getting a life-saving vaccine.

For those that have had trouble finding vaccines, there are mass vaccination sites at across the state along with appointments available at your local Walgreens and CVS.

8. It’s too “new”

It’s true that the COVID-19 vaccine was developed in record time. What’s not true is that this technology is brand new with parts of the vaccine being in development for decades. Just because a miraculous vaccine to a disease less than two years old is new, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get it.

7. People have died from the COVID-19 vaccine

No. There have been no proven cases of any of the vaccines causing a death , there has only been small correlations and even then the evidence is incredibly weak. Your chance of dying from COVID-19 is higher than dying from the vaccine by an order of magnitudes.

6. I don’t want to deal with the side effects

Want to know what has worse side effects than the COVID-19 vaccines? COVID-19.

5. My parents won’t let me

Tell them to read the other nine points on this article along with anything from the CDC , FDA or any reputable news source. If that doesn’t work, then you’re going to have to wait until you’re 18.

4. COVID-19 is a hoax

What’s more likely: that an entire global conspiracy where a fake virus has been created resulting and deaths have been faked resulting in economic turmoil, or, COVID-19 is real. The level of coordination it would take between the millions of co-conspirators across the world to execute such a plan is simply impossible. COVID-19 is real.

3. The government is trying to kill/microchip/sterilize us

Again, the level of coordination it would take to have the entire global medical community to all take part in this conspiracy for the purpose of… Bill Gates’s evil empire… is again, simply impossible. This is not some elaborate conspiracy to control you, people are just trying to prevent you from dying.

2. It isn’t safe

Yes, the vaccines are currently authorized for Emergency Use Authorization but that doesn’t mean they aren’t safe. All of the vaccines have gone through rounds of trials with thousands of participants and millions more since then — and they’ve been declared safe. If there were some sort of long-term side effect of the vaccines, we’d know by now.

The vaccines are safe — getting COVID-19 isn’t.

1. I’m young and healthy, what’s the point

*audible sigh

The point is to protect others. By getting a vaccine you prevent others from getting the virus from you — it’s that simple. Stop listening to Joe Rogan and start listening to Dr. Fauci.

Please just do your part in helping the U.S. get back to normal and staying healthy. Whatever reason you need, whether it’s to protect yourself, others or just being able to not wear a mask, get the vaccine. Your fellow Illinoisans are begging you to.