If Troy Bolton can get into musicals, then I can get into sports


Kassem Ossman

Sports may be really confusing (and when I mean confusing I mean confusing) but that shouldn’t take away from the fun.

Sports were never my thing, maybe it was the fact that I never had a father to throw a football with, or maybe it was because I’m gay, but I never enjoyed them. Everything is so confusing, there are too many rules, and I don’t know a single one. With everything on pause I thought that it would be the perfect time to get into sports even though I don’t personally like them, if Troy Bolton can get into musicals, then I can get into sports.

There are over 8,000 sports so I thought I would just keep it to the main ones at DGS and to try and understand them. Of course when I looked up how many sports there were I got overwhelmed — so I never researched it. So here is my definition of the most popular sports without actually knowing what they are.

Basketball is the sport in which five people of each team fight for the ball. There are nets on each side. Of course the basketball games have a ton of tall people and some cool outfits and sometimes Lizzo pops up and wears a dress with her butt showing (look it up).

I don’t understand what the lines on the floor mean and don’t even get me started on how the point system works, like if you throw it farther do you get like 20 points or is that bad? Overall this sport just doesn’t seem fun, watching a bunch of sweaty people throwing a ball around in a hot gymnasium is not my definition of a good time.

Football is a sport that is infamous for concussions even though players wear helmets; this sport is perfect for fathers to live vicariously through their sons as they go through high school. There are numbers on the field made of (get this) fake grass – and these big things at each side of the field, making it super symmetrical. You can get a point by kicking the ball, which is a weird almond shape, and getting it in the middle of the huge things on each side or run the ball to your side — usually doing a cool dance when finished I assume.

This is a sport I will never understand but I do love the feel of it, especially because you get to hang out with your friends in the freezing cold. Of course the experience is not fully why it’s a good sport — half time is the reason why this is a good sport. With marching band, cheerleaders and grabbing some food, this sport is pretty cool.

Baseball is a pretty cool sport, nothing screams baseball like bases and balls. I’m gonna be honest, I don’t know the premise of baseball, but I know that there are bases and that a person runs through them. Now what confuses me is the size of the field – how does one game require so much grass?

This one I have to say just doesn’t seem fun, standing out waiting for the ball to come to you so you can run just seems a little boring to me.

All jokes aside I don’t like sports — but I think that we shouldn’t invalidate people due to their interests. I know how it feels to have your interests invalidated by people who may not know a lot about them. Just because you don’t like sports, doesn’t mean you have to think less of it.